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Special Services

Special Services




  • We provide Pastoral Care Services to the university community
  • We embark on intensive counselling services to faculty, staff and student in collaboration with the Covenant university counselling centre.

    This is done at three levels:
    - individual counselling
    - peer counselling and
    - group counselling.
  • The department also ministers to the welfare needs of the students by providing them with funds from the Chaplaincy Account to take care of basic needs like feeding, medical bills, handouts, transport fares back home, etc.

  • We organize community educational programs and services such as workshops, lectures, primary health care programs, etc. to promote both spiritual and physical development of our host community.
  • We conduct regular Chapel Service programs for spiritual nourishment and impartation of spiritual gifts.
  • We also take all new converts through our Campus Believers Foundation Classes (CBFC) where they are taught the basic Christian doctrines, baptized in water and filled with the Holy Ghost.
  • The Chaplaincy organizes Bible Studies\Cell Fellowship Program for all the students to give them a good grip of biblical facts about life and living in order to live a practical life of victory and triumph.

  • Act as a regulatory body for all religious activities on the campus to avoid the proliferation of unhealthy groups that might work contrary to the vision and mission of Covenant University. All intending associations must first apply in writing to the Chaplaincy for registration, stating clearly their aims and objectives and the conditions for membership.
  • We are also involved in mentoring and monitoring the development of acceptable, Christian, characters, as the students are guided towards the fulfilment of their respective destinies.
  • We also monitor closely students’ attendance at the various university functions particularly at the Chapel Services including Sunday Worship Services. Each student comes to the service with a Bible and a chapel notebook.
  • The department guides and directs the general spiritual life on the campus to line up with scriptural standards.

  • The scripture says we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth (Math. 5:13, 14). The Chaplaincy develops and organizes motivational programs towards kingdom and community services. This is done through the various Chapel Service Units such as the Choir, Prayer and Intercessory group, hospitality unit, etc.
  • We encourage and organize continuous campus evangelization using the matured Christians among the students. They witness Christ to groups and to individuals.
  • Project One Million Soul
    This project affords the students the opportunity to reach out to the less privileged in the society. Every weekend, our students go out to visit children in the Orphanage, Remand Homes, Prisons etc to share food and clothing and fellowship with them. They also organize party for them during special national festivals such as Easter time and Christmas season.
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