Collaboration Opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities


They include:

Fayetteville State University


3 + 1


It was agreed that since the Total Credit Units required for graduation in the US is between 120 – 128 Units, students must have earned 90 Units in Covenant University so that they can now add between 30 – 38 Units in FSU. Thus, the relevant Departments must harmonize the Courses in the programmes in order to identify Core Courses (compulsory at the home university) and required Courses to be earned at the host University.


Certificate Courses: It was agreed that such courses as Global Responsibility, Leadership and Communication can be taken in 4 Weeks; the content of the Courses and Financial implication will be communicated to the University later.




It was also agreed that the present Summer Exchange programme can be reviewed so that Students get two certificates during their stay.




Workshop for Administrators: The University has offered Covenant University this programme for a period of 7 – 10 days, if we are interested. The content will be communicated to us later.



Tuskegee University, Alabama


Prof. Okwumabua and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Admin.), Dr. Taiwo Abioye during her visit to USA in July had fruitful discussions with Prof. Goper Reddy and presented a draft of our MoU for modifications between Tuskegee University and Covenant University.


Some of the important points raised during our discussion include:


- The MoU should not be restricted to a particular Department


- Possibility of Faculty and Staff exchange, possibly during the summer


- The MoU will be for 2 years in the first instance.

Covenant University hasfine-tuned the conditions and sent it through Prof. Okwumabua who will then come along with the approved/modified MoU on his next visit to Nigeria.

University of Wisconsin, Madison


The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Admin.), Dr. Taiwo Abioyeduring her visit to USA met 3 of our students who were on IT for 3 months. During their discussion, she observed that individual students would need about N1,000,000 to go on IT to Wisconsin. The bulk of the accommodation is between $220 – 250, 000; feedings, Health Insurance etc.




Prof. Okwumabua and Dr. Taiwo Abioye were priviledged to discuss with Prof. Douglass Henderson, a Professor of Engineering Physics.Prof. Henderson was honoured by President Barack Obama for significant exceptional mentoring ability (available on his Website) and his establishing and growing the Graduate Engineering Research Scholars (GERS) programme. He expressed his willingness to partner with us as long as the request is channeled through his Dean. He equally offered to link us up with other Universities where some of his mentees are, such universities include: John Hopkins, University of Chicago, North-Western University, among others. We were particularly excited about his “Engineering without Borders” Initiatives.