Student Affairs

Student Affairs

The Students’ Affairs Department is designed to attend to the welfare and general wellbeing of the students of Covenant University. Also included in their assignment is the responsibility of enforcing the rules and regulations guiding students’ successful stay on campus. To realize this mandate, the Unit has been divided into 3 sub units namely: Admin. & Special Duties, Residency, and Monitoring, Surveillance & Security; headed by Assistant Registrars, who report to the Dean Students’ Affairs through the Sub Dean, Students’ Affairs.


Our Vision is to support and promote the present and future well-being of students, making them become the Total Graduate in consonance with the Covenant University objectives. Students’ Affairs Department of Covenant University is poised to uphold the core values of the University and enhance students’ development and success through innovative programmes; supervision of the provision and delivery of services; as well as continued partnerships with other organs of the University.


Our Mission among other things seeks to provide a healthy learning environment for all categories of students, by building and having a special relationship with our student. This we do by looking into all aspects of their activities both within and outside the Campus. We champion interest in a holistic sense into the welfare of our students as we groom them into the respectable, disciplined, studious and well natured eagles ready to fly and take the world. We promote this by ensuring provision and delivery of all support services to serve the needs of the students.

Our concern in the department is to collaborate with Students, Faculty and Staff to create welcoming, supportive and challenging environment that maximizes the opportunities for learning to achieve desired success.

Our Mission is to reinforce students’ discipline, which makes Covenant University significantly different from others by giving exemplary and visionary leadership to all Students. “No King is coroneted or enthroned without the due order or process of confirmation and training”. It is our mission to contribute to the unfettered process of confirming and training our students as Kings and Queens for purposeful leadership as they begin to march out of Covenant University gates to commence a noble lifestyle.


Towards the accomplishment of our Vision and Mission enunciated above, we strategize to ensure the enhancement of the overall quality of student life in and out of campus through the implementation of the broad objectives of the University as it relates to the Students’ Affairs Department.

Our major activities include the followings:

(1) GENERAL OVERSIGHT OF HALLS OF RESIDENCE: Covenant University provides full residential facilities for all students to ensure that they live a life of dignity which is void of unnecessary challenges. The Students Affairs’ Department handles the allocation of students into the Halls of Residence. Presently, there are Ten (10) Residential Halls in the University, comprising of 5 male Halls and 5 female Halls. The students’ hostel facility can effectively accommodate 9,150 students. In each of the ten Halls of Residence, are ancillary spaces such as Common Rooms, Butteries, Tuck Shops, Telephone Rooms, Beauty Salons, Hall Offices and Administrative Offices.

Building Shapes

In each of the Halls of Residence are two Hall officers who apart from maintaining law and order also provide guidance to the students. They are duly supported by Hall Assistants.

The belief of leadership of royalty for the status of living of our students has led to the mandatory one man - one bed space philosophy driven by the Department. Neither squatting nor swapping of bed spaces is permitted.

Our Hall allocation formula is not only gender sensitive, but it is also geared towards the required Excellence in Academics and Character. Towards this end, the Department ensures that allocation takes into cognizance:

  • The courses offered by students assigned to specific halls, wings, floors and rooms.
  • The character and core-value alignment of each student – to forestall the pairing of two students with conflicting character.
  • The University’s drive for good peer mentorship and academic advising.

(1) DISCIPLINE: The Department also has in place the apparatus for the regulation of Students’ conduct and discipline. The Chancellor once said “The greatest gift that any child can receive from his natural or spiritual parents is a sense of discipline as it creates a future with dignity”. While expounding on II Chronicles Chapter 15 verses 3 & 5, he further stated: “to be lawless is to be lifeless”.

“Now for a long season Israel hath been without the true God and without a teaching priest, and without law…….. And in those times there was no peace to him that went out, nor to him that came in, but great vexations were upon all the inhabitants of the countries”. (II Chron. 15: 3 & 5)

Consequently we have remained espoused to the entrenchment of discipline in our students as a core leadership value being evolved through the Students’ Affairs Department.

In consonance with our culture in the seven years of our existence, every case of indiscipline has been treated with dispatch by the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC), which has also always strived to operate with a deep sense of responsibility to forestall miscarriage of justice.

Each student is given a copy of Students’ Handbook which contains the guidelines for students’ expected conduct on campus and the penalties for their violation. These guidelines put in place are a set of rules and regulations called the ‘University Royal Laws’, designed to help every student enjoy a successful tenure here at Covenant University.

All the rules and regulations explicitly stated in the Student Handbook of Covenant University are designed to groom and not to grieve. None of the regulations put in place is with the sole intent of punishing but tailored towards polishing our products, the students. These guidelines range from alignment to proper dress code and conducts during examinations; to policies on residency. In recent times, Management has approved that any form of Examination Misconduct be decisively dealt with. The essence of this is to ensure the quality of our certificate and the students’ moral character and conduct are molded in a positive way for them to assume their leadership status with dignity.

The high demand placed on discipline as a fundamental requirement for making a total graduate as embedded in the core values of Covenant University makes it imperative to pursue it with the required doggedness.

To power this effectively, the following crop of Staff and Students are adequately used:

  1. Administrative Staff of the Department
  2. Hall Staff (Officers & Assistants)
  3. Students’ Representatives at the following levels:
    • Apex Students’ Body
    • Halls of Residence
    • Revolutionary (Disciplinary) Squad

Apart from the enforcement of high level Discipline, the Department also serves as arbiter on all issues concerning our students both within and outside the Campus.

(2) REGISTRATION OF STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONS: The Students’ Affairs is responsible for the registration of all Students’ Associations on campus. All Academic Departments are encouraged to have their Departmental Associations registered with the Students’ Affairs Unit. The Department also encourages non-Academic Associations to be formed and registered. Essentially, the aim is to encourage and allow students to express themselves and cross fertilize ideas on such healthy platforms.

(a) Reflection Dance Group

(b) Sage Consortium

(c) Mien Art

(d) Society of Petroleum Engineers

(3) ENHANCEMENT OF WELFARE: Enhancement of the quality of students’ welfare is very pivotal to the attainment of desired excellence of high quality leadership from our Kings and Queens. Towards this end attention is given to all issues bordering on their total well-being vis-à-vis the areas of maintenance and improvement on the very good accommodation that are presently available; medical services; feeding and cafeteria services; as well as safety and security. The following strategies have been adopted for the accomplishment of these goals:

  • A Welfare Officer is assigned to principally supervise this aspect of the students’ stay on campus
  • Monitoring of Students at the Halls of residence as well as the Academic Areas (Colleges and Library Buildings); and the Chapel.
  • Mentoring of students through the process of training that would enhance passing down of desired values, culture and skills that would culminate in their becoming the total Graduate.
  • Below enunciated also, are other Welfare packages made available on our Campus to facilitate the general well being of both staff and students.


Covenant University has put in place feeding arrangements that have taken into cognizance the two mains, viz, the various tastes as well as the economic status of all students.

The University has two Cafeterias. The first one is centrally situated in the midst of the ten Halls of Residence complexes. It has a capacity for 2,500 students, dining at the same time. It is an expansive free-space structure, roofed with a parabolic lattice steel frame covered with aluminum sheets of that shape, to suit the curvature. There are seven restaurant outlets in the Cafeteria, providing a variety of menu to meet the different tastes of their student clientele.

The other cafeteria has a capacity for accommodating about 1,540 diners. It has three dining halls, seven service points and a staff restaurant situated on the top floor. The Cafeteria is strategically located to take care of staff and students in the school area of the campus.

The cafeterias in the University provide a broad variety food on an a la carte basis. The dining hours are:

  1. i. Breakfast - 7.00 am - 10.00 am
  2. ii. Lunch - 12 noon - 5.00 pm
  3. iii. Dinner - 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm


The University has put in place affordable Buttery Services in each of the Halls of Residence, as well as the Shopping Mall Complex at the Chapel Building, CHD/CBS and CST College Buildings. These services are to provide the students with their daily needs. In addition to these, Barbing and Hair-dressing saloons are also operational in the Halls of Residence and Snack Shops at the College buildings to provide accessible services to the students.

The services in the Halls of Residence are operational between 8.00 am and 11.00 pm daily.


Through the Students’ Affairs Department, information on available and relevant Scholarship and Bursary awards are disseminated to the students. Processing such is also coordinated by the Admin/ Special Duties Sub Unit of the Department. To this end we have witnessed a high rate of turnover of Scholarship and Bursary Awards from various Institutes, Government Agencies Corporate Bodies, and Parastatals over the years of the University’s existence.

NIGIMUNS CONFERENCE: In the past two years, the University, through the Students’ Affairs Department, has continued to field students based on their excellent performances, spirituality, and good character disposition, to represent the University at the NIGIMUNS Conference which takes place annually. During the 2007 Edition of the programme, our representatives won the Award for the Best University Delegation and the 3rd Best Female Delegate award; as well as earned free tickets to participate at the UN Model Conference in Europe, later that year. And at the 2008 Edition, one of our representatives Ajakaiye, Teniola Mirabel bagged the Best Female Delegate Award, as well as a NIGIMUNS Director position.

UNITED STATES INSTITUTE FOR STUDENT LEADERS: A female student, Idowu, Itunnuoluwa Aduragbemi was on the FY-08 Students Leadership study programme of the United States Institute for Student Leaders, as a Principal Candidate between June 29 – August 3, 2008; at University of Arkansas, Arkansas


Qualitative Recreational Activities is an avenue for dissipating youthful energy in a beneficial but less compelling way. It helps in freeing persons from engagement in anti-social vices. It is evidently one of the key determinants of Campus satisfaction and success that could keep students within the Campus.

The Ultra Modern Sports complex of the University which is already in full use by faculty, staff and students; has facilities for intra – mural sport activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, racket games, swimming and athletics.

The students also have recreational activities organized in other areas like Cultural/Variety Shows, College Weeks, Telecast and Watching Of Sports’ Tournaments, etc.

Covenant University maintains a well-rounded programme of sporting and athletic activities on the Campus under the supervision of experienced coaches. Competition among Colleges for the possession of the Championship Cups is very much encouraged.

The responsibility for the administration of sports in the University is vested in the Sports Council, a sub unit of the Students Affairs Department. The Body serves as the Governing Body in sports and advises on proper principles of University policy on sports.

The compulsory weekly physical fitness jogging exercise for every Covenant University student is also in place.

Various University teams are available in the following sports:

(a) Football (male and female)

(b) Basketball (male and female)

(c) Volleyball (male and female)

(d) Handball (male and female)

(e) Hockey (male and female

(f) Cricket

(g) Badminton (male and female)

(h) Tennis and Table Tennis (male and female)

(i) Chess, Monopoly and Scrabble.

All students are encouraged to join any of these University teams where their talents can be nurtured and developed.


The Department has an International Students’ Affairs component coordinated by a member of Faculty and it is part of the Student Services aimed at administering all matters related to the welfare of the International Students in Covenant University. This is in furtherance of the global outreach Mandate of the Founding (Parent) Body, i.e. The Living Faith Church Worldwide under the Umbrella of the World Mission Agency (WMA). As such, this Department is an important contact point for International Students studying in the University. Advice and assistance made available include matters regarding students’ passes (application, renewal, cancellation and queries) and hospitalization; medical inquiries; application for admission procedures and orientation programmes. Our Department refers to the appropriate Departments or Support-Service Unit/s on issues we are unable to readily handle. Apart from this, our International Students are encouraged to seek for assistance and help when in need of such.

Through this organ we also encourage and assist our International Students with Intercultural activities that promote understanding between them and Nigerians.

(6) STUDENTS’ COUNCIL: The Student Affairs also supervises the activities of the Students’ leadership on campus known as Covenant University Students’ Executive Council (CUSC).

Their functions among others include:

(a) Bridging the gap between the University Management and the student body.

(b) Interpreting and monitoring the enforcement of University rules and regulations.

(c) Encouraging creative initiatives and creating a campus public opinion through which healthy students’ views are permitted to be expressed for a meaningful and responsible campus life.

To help in the discharge of their responsibilities with greater ease and sense of mission as enunciated above, a Leadership Advance Programme is usually put in place for the training of the Student’s Leadership. This is aimed at helping them buy into the Vision and Mission of Covenant University, as well as identifying with their challenges with the aim of proffering appropriate solutions within the Covenant University context

IV Student Council Projects and Programmes

  • Project One Million Souls

This is an avenue for students to reach out to the less privileged in our society. This unit operates under the Community Development Office of the Student Council and makes report to the Chairman through the same office.

  • The ‘A’ Students’ Success Summit

This is an academic success summit that reaches out to meet the inspirational needs of students who desire increase in their academic performance. It is overseen by the Vice Chairperson (male or female) whose domain is in the academic area. Reports are gotten across to the Chairman through the same office.

  • Transport Scheme

The Student Council organizes transportation during holidays, to their various locations. This is usually organized during breaks such as the Christmas break, end of session break etc. This arrangement is usually handled by the office of the Public Relations Officer and he reports these activities to the Chairman as appropriate.

  • Mothers’ Day Celebration

This is a celebration of motherhood that has become a standing tradition in Covenant University. This day is marked every year according to the Living Faith Church (Our mother Church) calendar. All students and staff are expected to be carried along in its preparation.

  • Fathers’ Day Celebration

This is a celebration of fatherhood that has become a standing tradition in Covenant University. This day is marked every year in relation to the calendar of the Living Faith Church. All students and staff are carried along both in its preparation and celebrations.

  • Campus Life

Campus Life is a Committee overseen by the Students’ Council; and is saddled with the responsibility of organizing social and intellectual programs for Variety Nights, National Day Celebrations, Convocation ceremony, Easter Cantata etc. The committee is expected to have on board, at least one member of each of the various chapel units. The Office of the Vice Chairman of the Students’ Council is responsible for overseeing the operations of this Committee.

  • College Weeks

This is the College Programme, organized by the College Representatives on the Students’ Council. The College Weeks are expected to reflect the vision and seek to achieve the objectives of the University. The date and duration of the event is usually subject to approval by the University Management.

The events are usually laced with diverse educative and entertaining activities such as Symposium, Cantata, Parents’ Forum, Excursions, Drama, Dinners, etc

  • Welfare Scheme

In a bid to meet the needs of persons who are financially incapable to fend for themselves at any given time, the Students’ Council runs a Welfare Scheme. The Welfare Scheme is overseen by the office of the Welfare Secretaries (Male & Female), who consult with the Chairman in disbursing funds and meeting other forms of need.

  • Leadership Retreat

This is the program held for all student leaders, i.e. floor representatives, wing representatives, chapel stewards and workers, cell leaders, class representatives, departmental representatives etc. This program serves as a retreat to renew the strength; and multiply the effectiveness of these leaders.


In conclusion, the Students’ Affairs Unit is an indispensable conduit pipe that links the Students with other Departments in the University. It serves as arbiter on all issues concerning the students of Covenant University.