2014 World Health Day Celebration: CU-CDIIC Gives Free Medicare to Rural Communities in Ado Odo/Ota

2014 World Health Day Celebration: CU-CDIIC Gives Free Medicare to Rural Communities in Ado Odo/Ota

2014 World Health Day Celebration: CU-CDIIC Gives Free Medicare to Rural Communities in Ado Odo/Ota

Chairman CDII, Dr. Abiodun, Dr. Mike of the CUHC, the 2 Baales and other members of CDII in a group photograph after the programme

Covenant University, through her Community Development Impact Initiative Committee (CU-CDIIC) marked the 2014 World Health Day by reaching out to the under-privileged in the University’s host community.

The CU-CDIIC celebrated the day with the indigenes of Igbelefa Lemomu Village in Atan area, of Ado Odo/Ota, with the theme, ‘War Against Vector Borne Diseases.’ The event attracted a mammoth crowd from surrounding villages and hamlets around Lemomu, who trooped out en mass to partake of the free healthcare service that the University brought to the community.

In his welcome address, the Chairman of Covenant University Community Development Impact Initiative Committee, Dr. Humphrey Adebayo, said the choice of Lemomu Village for the 2014 World Health Day celebration was due to the appeal made by the Head of the Community Development Association (CDA) to the University at the David Oyedepo Day of Service (DODOS 2013), for health care Intervention programme.

Dr. Adebayo noted that health, wellness and soundness of the mind are vital requirements in making most of destiny, whether it is for an individual or a community at large, and Covenant University was glad to join the people of Lemomu to wage war against diseases. He told members of the community that the medical personnel can only give care and support, but it is God that engenders healing.

Giving a health talk on the essence of cleanliness, Dr. Michael Onuoha, who represented the Chief Medical Officer, Covenant University Health Centre, told residents of the community that the best way to tackle diseases was to live a life of cleanliness at all time.

Dr. Onuoha told the audience that all sickness and diseases are either communicable or non-communicable and 70% of diseases bothering the human race are vector borne. He counseled the people to be mindful of their actions or inactions as they contribute to the breeding and multiplying of vectors such as flies, bugs, mosquitoes etc.

The medical expert advised the indigenes to try as much as they can to ensure they do not allow stagnant water to become their next-door neighbor., as this, he said, would only aid the breeding process of some of these disease-spreading agents.

He asked the people to inculcate the habit of hand washing from time to time, especially after using the toilet, so as not to unconsciously ingest bacteria and other harmful agents into their system. Dr. Onuoha told the huge crowd to make time out of their farming activities to engage in regular exercise, go for medical checkup to know the status of their health and not necessarily waiting for their biological system to suffer breakdown before seeking medical assistance.

Among the free offerings at the event was the free vaccination for children in the community. The children were given Vitamin A drops and Oral Polio drops, while every member of the community was availed the privilege to check their Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Screening, and Body Mass Index check.

In addition, they were given Dietary Counseling, Dental Consultations and Eye Checks among others, while adequate drugs were provided for various ailments that were diagnosed.

Speaking at the end of the exercise, the Baale of Igbelefa Land, who oversees the affairs of Lemomu community, Chief Sakiru Ijadunade appreciated Covenant University for the initiative. He said the community was expectant that a day would come when those in the cities would remember them and come to their aid.

Chief Ijadunade decried the way the government at all levels has abandoned the communities under his domain. According to him, “There is a dearth of primary health care in this place. When you consider that we have a lot of elderly ones in these communities and yet there is no health care facility to cater for their health needs, it is very depressing.”

Similarly, the Baale of Kajola Abanise, Chief Taiwo Oyebowale, alluding to the book of Matthew 25: 35 – 40, said the Covenant University’s health Initiative was in reality what Christianity ought to be, caring and meeting the needs of the challenged. He appreciated the University Management for the tireless investment in the community in times past, while appealing to spiritually minded Nigerians to emulate the good deeds of the University.

Chief Oyebowale challenged the different tiers of government to rise up and meet the needs of the people. “The government told us that they would give us a primary health care facility; 20 years after, the project has been abandoned and it has become a relic of their electioneering promises,” he asserted.

One of the beneficiaries of the exercise Mrs. Sikiratu Olatunji prayed for the leadership of the University and hoped that many more organizations would borrow a leaf and seek means to impact the lives of others in their immediate communities.

The 103-year-old speaking with smiles on her face said, she has benefited from various schemes emanating from Covenant University and one thing that was evident about the University was that it is always out to better the lives of others.

The programme had in attendance the full complement of medical personnel from CUHC. Among them were Drs Olatokunbo Erinfolami (Medical), John Okereke (Optician), Olufunmilayo Odebiyi (Dentist), Matron Grace Joshua, Mrs. Akinrotimi and members of Covenant University Community Development Impact Initiative Committee.