2016 CU-ICADI: Participants Laud Oyedepo’s Leadership Model

2016 CU-ICADI: Participants Laud Oyedepo’s Leadership Model

2016 CU-ICADI: Participants Laud Oyedepo’s Leadership Model

A cross section of participants

Not a few participants at the 2016 Covenant University’s International Conference on African Development Issues were lavished in their praises and hearty in their approbation of the University’s Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, whose leadership giant strides they recommend as a model for African leaders.

Prominent among those who extolled the virtues of the Chancellor was former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who was Guest of Honour on the opening day of the 2016 ICADI. While lauding Oyedepo for the progress that Covenant University has made in a short space of time, Obasanjo described the school as “the most African responsive university”.

“Oyedepo performed miracle going by what CU has been in a short space of time,” said Obasanjo, who urged the Chancellor to reproduce same feat with Landmark University.

The retired General used the occasion to congratulate Dr. Oyedepo on the 35th anniversary of the Liberation Mandate, which he described as “near miraculous”.

Also, the Keynote Speaker for the conference, Professor Joy Ogwu, who is Nigeria’s former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, thanked Dr. Oyedepo and Covenant University for providing the platform to discuss not only Nigeria’s survival alone but for Africa’s survival. “Oyedepo is not only a thinker, a philosopher, he is a doer, that is what is so beautiful in this institution,” said Ogwu. “This institution represents…when you are looking for models of development.

“I believe this institution has set a near-perfect order for development, not only for private institutions but also in the process of governance.

“We are gathered here courtesy of CU to help in envisioning a strategic planning, to help in shaping the future not only for ourselves but for succeeding generations.”

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