360° POSH to offer Discount Cards for CU Students

360° POSH to offer Discount Cards for CU Students

360° POSH to offer Discount Cards for CU Students

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), Professor Taiwo Abioye making her remarks at the meeting

They had an idea during their undergraduate days at Covenant University and the idea has metamorphosed into what is now known as 360° POSH Limited, a branding, advertising, brand content push, research and consulting outfit.

The company made a presentation to the Management of Covenant University on the need to sign up undergraduate students of the University to become holders of the POSH Discount Card in a bid to save cost and take care of their transactions, enabling them to enjoy discounted rates in all their purchases, including visa processing fee, airline ticket purchase for both international and local flights.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Akinlabi Adegoke, an Eagle (as Covenant University graduates are called), said unlike other discount cards that create a ceiling and are seasonal, 360° POSH discount cards confers permanent discount to all its cardholders and it has a one-off payment subscription, unlike others that require renewed subscriptions after a period of time.

Mr. Adegoke said the experience the Board of Directors, 360° POSH Limited (who are Eagles of Covenant University) had during their undergraduate days in the University, has enabled them to embed the 360° POSH Discount card with a special feature called ‘Errand Boy’ that would reduce the need for students to leave campus to pick up stuff from home or wherever they need to get things from.

360° POSH Ltd, the CEO posited, is also using the opportunity to give back to their root, as they would be setting up a full scholarship scheme under the POSH star competition. Moreover, the organization is looking at motivating students, by creating a Business Idea Incubation Competition, which would be open to all cardholders.

In addition, 360° POSH would avail its brand the privilege of partnering with the University’s Convocation Planning Committee towards instituting an award for the best graduating student, with a prize money of Five Hundred Thousand Naira.

Commenting on their proposal, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Aaron Atayero, lauded the team for having stuck together after graduation. He, however, asked the organization to look at the possibility of merging the various cards the students currently have into one.

He advised the representative of the board of directors to think of the possibilities of making the discount card open to all in the academic community, instead of limiting it to just students. According to him, 360° POSH Ltd should look at the prospect of floating an academic discount platform that would serve the sole interest of those in the academic community, just as it is done in developed countries.

In her remarks the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) Professor Taiwo Abioye, representing the Vice-Chancellor at the presentation, said she was impressed with the strides of 360° POSH in the short period of its existence.

She reiterated the request of Professor Atayero that postgraduate students should be availed the opportunity to enjoy the largesse of having the organization’s discount card.

Professor Abioye told the team that there was need to look at the issue of an expiry date on the card. This she said would enable students who do not graduate within their schedule time of programme to still draw benefits from their cards while their studentship last.

Finally, she told the 360° POSH management that having once been in the shoes of the students they are trying to sign up, they should let the students see the uniqueness of their offerings and what they would benefit by using the 360° POSH Discount card.

Present at the parley were the Registrar, Mr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, Director, Centre for Learning Resources, Dr. Christopher Nkiko, and Director, Centre for Systems and Information Services, Pastor Abolade Afolabi.

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