CU Alumni Innovate Information Management System

CU Alumni Innovate Information Management System

CU Alumni Innovate Information Management System

A CU alumnus and Chief Executive Officer of Softcom Ltd, Mr. Yomi Adedeji, explaining benefits of the School Board application software program to CU Management

The Management of Covenant University (CU) on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, received a group of young upwardly mobile Covenant University alumni on a partnership visit at the Vice Chancellor’s office in Canaan Land.

The CU graduates who came together in 2013 to found an Information Technology (IT) firm known as ‘SchoolBoard’ were at their Alma Mata to present to the Management, a data software they built for information management in educational institutions.

In his remarks, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Charles Korede Ayo, welcomed the team and commended their diligence, while congratulating them for a very promising innovation. “The primary goal for CU’s search for a stronger data management system is to ensure a totally seamless management of exams and results,” he stated.

The Vice Chancellor, however, encouraged them not to rest on their laurels, but rather work harder to improve on what they have done, especially as it has to do with the area of exams and results data management. He pointed out that their success with CU would also translate to success with other school systems in Nigeria.

In his remarks, the Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, stated that the CU Management was very delighted to have such outstanding product emanate from the creativity of its alumni. Nevertheless, he advised them to find a way to integrate the SchoolBoard platform into the University’s already existing web portal which won an international award in Sweden.

While making his presentation, the Chief Executive Officer of Softcom Ltd, (the parent company of SchoolBoard), Mr. Yomi Adedeji, stated, “SchoolBoard is a school information management system designed to create a digital nervous system for an academic institution that will drive its collection of data, processing, communication, reporting and stakeholder engagement towards the development of students.”

Explaining what SchoolBoard holds for CU, Mr. Adedeji stated, “The SchoolBoard platform would bring about mobility for all stakeholders and take care of the end-to-end student academic life process management. It has an option of zero infrastructure investment to go live, comes with administrative rights for additional customization by Centre for Systems and Information Services (CSIS), provides intelligent reporting and analytics, quick and easy access to information for decision making. The SchoolBoard also provides seamless inclusion of parents into applicable student activities. Also, there would be continual improvements and releases from Softcom, at no additional costs.”

The components that would power the SchoolBoard platform, he said, are access, a hybrid processing engine, and analytics. Access includes mobile access and web access, hybrid processing engine includes cloud based platform and on site platform, while analytics include the application software.

In order to ensure deployment of the SchoolBoard platform, Mr. Adedeji said the company would provide user requirement workshop and implementation, which would involve customization, testing, and deployment. Softcom would also provide training and onboarding, as well as support and optimization, which would be ongoing.

Also speaking at the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of SchoolBoard Incoporated, Tomi Amao stated that, “SchoolBoard focuses on building tools that help schools solve their key problems which mostly include payments, network security, etc.”

Others present at the meeting were the Chair, Webometrics Committee, Dr. Nicholas Omoregbe, of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences and members of the Directorate of Media and Corporate Affairs.