CU Releases the 10th Set of Eagles

CU Releases the 10th Set of Eagles

CU Releases the 10th Set of Eagles

Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, congratulating the overall best graduating student, Mr. Oti Eberechukwu Emmanuel from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The 10th Convocation Ceremony of Covenant University (CU), Canaan Land, Ota, took place on June, 26, 2015. Ebubechukwu Emmanuel Oti, a graduate of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, emerged as the best graduating student for 2014/2015 academic session, among a total of 1,315 graduating students, having bagged ‘first class honours’ with a 4.96 CGPA.

The epoch-making event which witnessed the award of first and higher degrees and presentation of prizes was attended by the Director, UNIDEP, Senegal, Professor Adebayo Olukoshi, who was the Keynote Speaker; the former Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission, Professor Peter Okebukola, who was the Convocation Lecturer; the Consular General, South African Embassy and a host of other dignitaries.

The Chancellor of Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo in his remarks, expressed gratitude to God for His sustenance in the journey so far, and for bringing the University yet again to the point of releasing a new set of ‘Eagles,’ as CU graduates are called. He explained that only God could have brought the University so far in the 13 short years of its existence. The Chancellor stressed that God’s hand was evident in the University’s positive progression, sustenance of foundation, core values and commitment, as well as dedication to the missionary foundation ideals of the proprietor base.

While delivering his address titled, ‘Espousing the Role of Quality Education in Nation Building,’ the Chancellor stated, “There is mounting and incontrovertible evidence that the quality of human resources or human capital available to a nation is directly related to the productivity, economic growth and development experienced by that nation. From development history, we know that wherever education goes, there goes civilization.”

He emphasized that, “Knowledge is not just the new currency of the world as we have recently stressed; rather, it has been the currency whose strength and relevance determines the prosperity of any nation. However, the quality of human resources available for developing a nation depends on the quality of education and ‘skill creation’ that the nation’s educational resource-base makes available.”

The Chancellor explained that this was the reason the educational resource-base of a nation is the prime target and explicit objective of public policies. “The major reason many African economies are failing to meet primary developmental aspirations is the dearth of innovative and productive knowledge-base,” he stated.

He charged the graduands to go forth and give expression to the quality of education they have received in Covenant University. In his words, “Let me remind you that life is a school and only committed learners make the most of their adventure. No one ever graduates from the school of life. The day any man graduates, he begins to degenerate. Life is a school, a life-long school.”

In his speech, ‘Celebrating the Favour of God Upon the University,’ the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Charles Ayo, appreciated God for His faithfulness all through the past session. He quoted Psalm 44:3, “For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them: but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou hadst a favour unto them.”

He explained that it was by the grace of God that the University was matching forward in its quest towards the fulfillment of its vision of becoming one of the top 10 universities by the year 2022. “To remain focused on the vision, we set yearly goals, and the goal for the session being concluded was, ‘Innovation, impact and Internationalization,’ and looking back, with a deep sense of appreciation to God, all our targets have been met,” he said.

The Vice-Chancellor stated that the University had taken major leaps in its quest towards becoming one of the top ten in the world by the year 2022. One of such major leaps was an invitation to Harvard in the course of the year to present a Keynote Address on: ‘Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to Power High Impact International Collaborations with Africa in Cancer Care, Research and Education.’

“The University has gone full circle in its adoption of ICT for the delivery of educational services. Consiquently, all the lecture halls in Covenant University are fitted with Smart Boards. The University has five teleconferencing centres that are well furnished with state-of-the-art facilities, with which the university interacts with its overseas collaborators and partners,” he said.

Furthermore, the Vice-Chancellor explained that the University recently introduced Mobile Learning into her teaching processes that engendered learning anywhere and anytime on Campus. “This,” he said, “is a great feat and first of its kind in the country.” He stated that the feat was made possible by the ubiquitous internet facility and 24/7 electricity supply on Campus. “Now, all the students have tablets loaded with courseware, ready to optimize learning at the cutting-edge of ICT,” he emphasized.

Going on in his speech, Professor Ayo, also stated, “We have employed visiting professors from world-class universities who visit between May and June every year (during the long vacation), to teach, conduct research as well as organize international conferences and workshops. Through these interactions, we have been able to revise our curricula to world-class standards and our laboratories are fitted with research facilities as those available in other world-class universities. We have engaged Nobel Laureates as Keynote Speakers, in the two editions of Covenant University International Conference on African Development Issues (CU-ICADI).”

While giving his Keynote address titled, ‘National Re-orientation towards Transformational Leadership in Africa,’ the Immediate Past Director, United Nations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (UNIDEP), Senegal, Professor Adebayo Olukoshi stated, “The Covenant University Class of 2015 is being sent forth at a very interesting juncture in the history of Nigeria – and indeed of Africa. It is a juncture that comprises an admixture of competing concerns about the prospects of the continent and its peoples. At one level, there is growing optimism that Africa is finally ‘rising’ from its long night of decline and decomposition to begin the gradual process of its renewal and re-composition, with a view to winning back a rightful place for itself in the rendezvous of human civilization and progress.”

He explained that most of the growth taking place in Africa is anchored on a narrow resource base, and driven by a temporary boom in global commodity prices underwritten by China’s expanding appetitive as the new industrial workshop of the world.

Professor Olukoshi further stated, “Economies have been de-industrialized; unemployment (especially among the youth) averages 40% of the labour force; under-employment is deep-seated and rife; infrastructure (including energy) is in massive deficit; accountability by leaders is in short supply and citizens feel disempowered and excluded.”

He posited that it is critical for Africa to go beyond a one-sided obsession with GDP growth to address the key issue of how growth can be leveraged to deliver structural transformation in a context of democratic governance, peace and stability.

Among a total of 1,315 graduating students, 104 bagged ‘First class honours’ in Covenant University’s 2014/2015 academic session.

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