CU Researcher Wins 2014 IET Premium Software Award

CU Researcher Wins 2014 IET Premium Software Award


A senior faculty of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences of Covenant University, Professor Sanjay Misra, has bagged the 2014 IET Premium Software Award for his research work on ‘Framework for Evaluation and Validation of Software Complexity Measures.’ The award, established by the Institute of Engineers and Technology United Kingdom, was for the best-published paper in the last two years in any IET journal, one of the top journals in the software engineering field of science.

The award winning paper proposed a framework for evaluating and validating software complexity measure and what parameters should be adopted in the course of such evaluation. Moreover, it is a novel attempt to integrate all-important features from different criteria and to present them under a single umbrella.

The paper, which was received by the institute in July 2011 and published in August 2012, highlights guidelines in the proposed framework to cover most of the issues from all perspectives and will help to improve the quality of the proposed standard for measuring or quantifying something else.

Professor Misra, through the paper, claims that the framework has been tested and demonstrated by using Cognitive Function Size (CFS) measures, since it has not been evaluated from all perspectives, which is required for complete evaluation and validation of a metric.

The research paper, according to the widely travelled scholar, by demonstration of the framework on CFS, proves that it can be applied to any software measure.

Speaking on the award, the Professor of Computer Engineering said, “From a technical point of view, it is one of my best work. What happens most times in Nigeria is that researchers just develop a framework in any area of interest, without subjecting it to test in other related fields of endeavour, to see if it will work or not.”

Professor Misra said it was the fresh perspective that one is bringing on board the existing repertoire of knowledge that the world is interested in, as against what is already known to exist, and that is what has made his work on the Framework for Evaluation and Validation of Software Complexity Measures, a masterpiece.

In addition, he stated that the paper is not yet a highly cited publication, but in terms of quality and technical input, it is a novel idea, as there had been no such design of framework in software engineering literature out of over hundreds, if not thousands of papers published in the last two years.

Professor Misra said his cardinal advice to all his students over the years has been not to work towards just publishing, but publishing with impact.

The IET Premium Software Award comes with a cash reward and a one-year free access to the IET Digital Library until August 2015.