CU Researchers Advised on Ways to Attract Research Grants

CU Researchers Advised on Ways to Attract Research Grants

CU Researchers Advised on Ways to Attract Research Grants

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Taiwo Abioye, other Members of CU Management and Mr. Sean Itiomale

Covenant University’s researchers and faculty have been advised to speak the language of the research funders and also make their research proposals void of jargons in order to access external grants.

The Senior Customer Support Consultant at Research Professional Africa, Mr. Sean Intiomale, gave the advised on Thursday, November 27, 2014 while intimating the researchers and faculty of the University on how to access funders and grants through the search engine.

Mr. Intiomale explained that most of administrative staff in the research funding organizations may not understand technical details or jargons in research proposals. He also said they may not have the time to read lengthy proposals, “They just read the Executive Summary and the Budget”, he hinted.

He said that the Research Professional Africa website work like any other search engine which the researchers can engaged to have access to about 11, 000 funders worldwide available on the site in order to fund their research work.

Mr. Intiomale also advised researchers to look for participation grants which on the long run would contribute to the University’s webometric ranking. “Long gone the time of lone rangers because research is now interdisciplinary”, he added.

Grants available, according to him include travel grant, project developmental grant, printing grant and fellowship grant, among others. He also explained the concept of push and pull in applying for grants. The push, he said, is when the researcher is attracting grant from the funder while pull is attracting the funder itself to the University for Collaboration.

The advantage of the site over other search engine, according to Mr. Intiomale, is that it saves time from searching many pages because it linked the researchers to research funders. The site also begin to work for the researcher by sending alert and updates on current research grants available in the researcher’s field when necessary information was provided.

The site also publishes the news of happenings in the university listed on it and the success of any research work.

In his response, the Director, Centre for Learning Resources, Dr. Chris Nkiko, noted that attracting funding from external context would validate both the researcher and the institution as world-class.

While appreciating the presenter, Dr. Nkiko enjoined researchers in the University to actively engaged Research Professional Africa search engine in order to access funders and grant for their work