CU organizes intervention strategic workshop for English teachers in secondary schools

CU organizes intervention strategic workshop for English teachers in secondary schools

CU organizes intervention strategic workshop for English teachers in secondary schools

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Aize Obayan

CU organizes intervention strategic workshop for English teachers in secondary schools

Covenant University has continued to blaze the trail through its innovative approach in the area of town and gown relationship, as it constantly explores and articulates creative programmes and services aimed at meeting the developmental needs of its external environment.


Registrar, Yemi Nathaniel


Prof. Charles Ogbulogo, Dean CHD.


Just recently, the University, through its Department of English and Literary Studies, organized a three-day intervention strategic workshop to address the persistent challenges facing the Nigerian student in the area of use of English language both at the level of everyday communication as well as in public examinations.

The workshop, dubbed, ‘Trends in English Language Learning, Teaching and Testing’, which aimed at identifying and proffering solutions to the problems of the average Nigerian English Language teacher as well as acquainting the teachers with up-to-date teaching tools and techniques in line with modern global practices, drew about 42 participants from 17 secondary schools in Lagos and Ogun States.

In her address at the opening ceremony, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Aize Obayan, who represented the Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo, as Chairperson of the occasion, decried the downward trend in the use of English Language as a medium of communication amongst Nigerian students and urged the participants to maximize the benefits of the workshop by learning new trends in English language learning, teaching and testing, thereby helping to reverse the trend as teachers of the subject.

Prof Obayan, who also delivered a keynote lecture, titled, ‘Developing Counselling Skills –Perspectives for Language Teachers’, said the task of counselling is to give the students the opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of attaining academic excellence as well as providing them the needed motivation in order to create a rich context or base for language learning.

She said since teaching and learning are both collaborative venture, teachers should always communicate regard and respect, as students need to know that they are valued and prized.

The Vice Chancellor reiterated that for the teachers to be effective, they must promote a safe context and environment where students are empowered to express themselves and explore new paradigms and urged them to be empathic, good listeners, and also acquire good communication skills in order to establish rapport with students.

The Registrar of CU, Yemi Nathaniel, who spoke on, ‘Language Teaching for Real National Development,’ identified access to basic education, and other needs of life as imperatives to national development.

He urged the participants to develop their individual capacity to help improve on a greater level quality access to sound English learning, a language, he described as central to national development.

He expressed hope that access to quality English language teaching and testing would greatly enable the students enroll for higher education and develop the nation’s human capital.

Other papers delivered at the workshop include the following:

‘The Link between Linguistic Theories and Language Teaching,’ by Prof. Charles Ogbulogo, Dean, College of Human Development and Head of Department of English
‘Using Library Resources in Language Teaching,’ by Mr. C. Nkiko, Acting Director, Centre for Learning Resources
‘Language Testing in Large Classes,’ by Dr. T. Abioye
Teaching Oral English by Prof. Charles Ogbulogo.
‘Teaching the Fundamentals of Everyday Communication.’ by Dr. I. Chiluwa
‘A Guide to the Reading of Literary Texts,’ by Dr Remi Akujobi
‘Teaching Basic Comprehension Skills,’ by Dr. T. Abioye
‘Contemporary Approaches to the Teaching of Literature,’ by Ms Ofure Aito
‘Teaching Composition Skills,’ by Dr. I. Chiluwa
‘Teaching Basic Comprehension Skills’ by Dr. T. Abioye
‘Contemporary Approaches to the Teaching of Literature,’ by Ms Ofure Aito
‘Teaching Composition Skills,’ by Dr. I. Chiluwa
‘Rising to the Occasion: Speech Writing and Delivery,’ by Prof. C. Ogbulogo

Recommendations by Participants

During the interactive sessions the participants made the following recommendations:
English lessons should be given enough time to give room for interaction during lessons
The English teachers’ workload should be reduced
Teachers should be encouraged to specialize in an aspect of English Language teaching to enhance skills and professionalism
Teachers should embark on self-improvement efforts
Provision of teaching aids/facilities (e.g. language labs) to be given priority in the various schools
Too large classes in public schools hinder teaching efficiency; solution to this problem should be provided
Many schools need to employ more teachers
WAEC to re-consider their syllabus/English testing standards as they are becoming obsolete in the light of current global practices
Covenant University to establish a College of Education

A request that all recommendations made at the workshop should be forwarded to WAEC and the Federal Ministry of Education for consideration.

An association to serve as a platform for feedback and information networks was proposed. The house agreed to look at this proposal more closely probably during subsequent workshops. The Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University had earlier envisaged this during her lecture.

Organizers of the Workshop were urged to invite the Principals and Proprietors of schools to a similar specialized workshop where they might be acquainted with the above recommendations and educated on the real issues affecting education in Nigeria. In view of the fact that private schools are profit-oriented, many of the participants feared that the implementation of the decisions at the workshop may not be possible due to non-professional approaches of the private school owners to education.

Participants appealed to the Covenant University Library for access to the resources of the CLR and possibly assist them to establish standard libraries in their schools.

A call for the establishment of a College of Education at the Covenant University.

Participants agreed that the Workshop should not end with mere discussions and proposals, rather the organizers should endeavor to influence the implementation of the recommendations by liaising with appropriate authorities.

Below is the list of the workshop participants and their addresses:

S/N Name of Participant Name of School Phone E-mail
1. Tiwalola Akinkuotu Liberty College 08038575897
2. Edema Racheal Liberty College 08028559446
3. Adewale Adedokun Elyon College 08033941275
4. Amuioha Bridget J Great Grace Primary 08027561691
5. Ogunleye Olayinka Dele Ferscoat 08030718855
Academy Ipaja.
6. Mr. I.A. Babarinsa Abeokuta Grammar 08066376658
7. Araoye O. E. (Mrs.) The Bells Schools 08028274106
8. Lamowa 0.0. (Mrs.) The Bells Schools 08035701918
9. Adeoti J.P. The Bells Schools 08060658687
10. Azeez B.E. The Bells Schools 08033330276
11. Alabi T.O. The Bells Schools 08038357004
12. Ajisafe 1.0. The Bells Schools 08022724435
13. Oke 0.0. (Mr.) The Bells Schools 08033320081
14. Ohiri G.U. (Mrs.) Education Viewers 08034028786
15. Nathaniel E.B. (Mrs.) Faith Academy 08033374011
16. Afolabi R.A. (Mr.) Soundhope Schools 08023152462
17. Ogunkambi B.I. (Mrs) Unique Heights 08034083141
18. Kanu, Amara M. Faith Academy 08034232497
19. Onochie E.O. (Mrs.) Faith Academy 08060568494
20. Onbo A.O. (Miss) Faith Academy 08023636425
21. Eshareturi O. Oscar (Mr.) Faith Academy 08034955137
22. Falade, A. S. (Mr.) Faith Academy 08055849803
23. J.K.Olokose (Mr.) Home Science Ass. 08037255758
Sec. School
25. Ogunlola S.K. Nigeria Navy Sec. 08035027943
School. Abeokuta
26. Onasanya O.S. (Mr.) Nigeria Navy Sec. 08053055435
School. Abeokuta
27. Asaolu O.A. (Mrs.) Topmost Schools, 08033183906
28. Tola Ajibiowu (Mrs'J Topmost Schools, 08037109059
29. Sanusi M.B. (Mrs.) Abeokuta Girls' 08033479644
Grammar Sch.
30. Adeyemi M.A. (Mrs.) Egba Comprehensive 08034112337
High Sch., Asero,
31 lmo J.0. (Mr.) Home Science School 08036060440
32. Onwuemeli, C.E. (Mrs.) H.S.A.S.S. Alakuko 08055485060
33. Sam Iroanusi Sam Iro Publication 08033449154
34. Agbabiaka N.O. The Christhill 08023857632 omotayothelight2001@
35. Ezechukwu Ifeoma G. I Faith Academy 08034231204
36. Olufemi E.T. (Mrs.) Faith Academy 08038175123
37. Rotimi B. Deus Faith Academy
38. Abasi, E.I. Faith Academy 08029177333
39. Badru Oyebode Faith Academy 08032285819
40. Emmanuel David O.B Faith Academy 08038489128