Covenant University Chaplain Speaks on 2013 T.T.G

Covenant University Chaplain Speaks on 2013 T.T.G

Covenant University Chaplain Speaks on 2013 T.T.G

All is set for the commencement of the 2013 Towards a Total Graduate (TTG), programme

This was recently made known by the University Chaplain, Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare.

According to him, “By the time TTG begins, we can be rest assured that this year’s graduating students will be one of the best set of graduating classes ever recorded in Covenant University.”

The programme kicked off on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 based on the academic calendar of the University and at the end of the Omega semester examination, there would be two weeks intensive sessions morning, afternoon and evening. Participating students would be assessed to determine their readiness for life after graduation.

Pastor Victor said TTG is an avenue through which the University ensures that all of her products become well packaged for the next life they are about to face. The intent of the programme is to produce a total graduate, not just in their mindset, but also their spirit man would be equipped to get things done.

The TTG courses are a compendium of professional as well as spiritual teachings and the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, Bishop David Abioye, Bishop Thomas Aremu and a host of other resource persons, would aptly deliver them.

The Chaplain explained that what makes Covenant University different from every other universities is the unique custom built programmes like the Entrepreneurial Development Studies (EDS) and Total Man Concept (TMC). He explained further that these two courses are what make a major difference between a Covenant University undergraduate and other undergraduates from other institutions. In like manner, TTG is the major difference between a Covenant University graduate and graduates from other universities.

He emphasized the importance of spirituality as an arrow head of the University’s Core Values in the realization of the vision of raising a new generation of leaders. “Whether we like it or not if the spirit realm of an individual is perfect, the academic, economic, social and political realm of the person will be very, very perfect. It is the supernatural that dictates the natural and this is all we are trying to do; to package these students to be in charge spiritually so that all other things can follow suit,” he explained.

On the direct bearing of TTG on the graduating students, Pastor Victor said, “These final year students are excited that they have barely three months to go. Many of them have agitations of what life would be like after school and often time I do let them know that by TTG everything would be settled.”

The University Chaplain counseled all non-graduating students to be very excited about TTG when they get to their final year, because the TTG programme is like the icing on the cake. He said, after four or five years of being moulded on the production line, TTG becomes the finishing point where Eagles are packaged and delivered as future leaders the world is waiting for.

Other resource persons expected at the 2013 TTG are the University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aize Obayan, senior pastors of the Living Faith Church, Mr. Valentine Obi, and many more. Also, Medical professionals like Dr. Tunde Togun would also be onground to give medical teachings to participating students. There would be forum for career and professional talks, sports and physical exercise. The event would be an all encompassing one.