Covenant University Gets First Female Chaplain

Covenant University Gets First Female Chaplain

Covenant University Gets First Female Chaplain

Chaplain, Covenant University, Dr. Ada-Sonia Peter giving a charge at one of the services

“The crux of Christianity is soul winning. That is my passion, to win as many as possible to Jesus. In fact my goal is that we would get to a time when we make altar call here on campus and nobody is coming out, because everybody is born again and truthfully born again, because we are in an enclosed community.”

The above is the craving and utmost desire of the Chaplain of Covenant University, Dr. Ada Sonia Peter. Dr. Peter, who until her recent appointment was the Associate Chaplain of the University, said the essence of everything that God has given to any man, the callings and all others, is rooted in getting men back to God.

The Chaplain, who takes delight in being identified with Christ and as a researcher in the Department of Mass Communication, said that God has taken her through Chaplaincy since her undergraduate days and the experience over the years have contributed, significantly to shaping her up for the task ahead.

Dr. Peter, who is a pioneer graduate of Covenant University and had served in different capacity in the University’s Chaplaincy in her undergraduate days said, “Dependency on God’s grace is the key to success in any given assignment.”

She said, she was surprised when she was informed of the new assignment before her, even though she had once served as the first female student chaplain during her undergraduate days. According to her, “I asked myself, what do I have to offer, but of course when God sends, He will always back you up and I am just grateful for the privilege to serve”.

I cried when I realized the enormity of the assignment before me. That was my initial reaction, because when you talk of spiritual responsibilities, it is not what you do with strategies and you really have to absolutely depend on God to succeed. It is not something you read from books, it is not something some books will tell you this is how to go about it. The only book that will help you succeed in that task is the Bible and you need the Holy Spirit to help you brood and breathe over the words you are looking at and begin to see beyond the letters of the Bible,” she added.

On how she would strike a balance between her spiritual assignment to the University community and her academic responsibility to the student body, the Chaplain observed that drawing from the work ethics of the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo and the general state of the University, she has no option but to work.

According to her, “It is just about stretching yourself. There is no challenge about that. It is about planning your time, setting your goals and targets properly, and then the grace is made available to do it.”

Looking back at her undergraduate days at Covenant University, Dr. Peter stated that it might sound strange that she never had one challenging period all through her studentship at the University. She noted that those that consider Covenant University a challenging place are those who want to live life aimlessly.

Using her words, “My advice to any student of Covenant University is this: the moment you begin to live the right life, you become the rule and regulation to yourself. So you are not ruled or regulated by anybody else.”

The quiet, but effervescent chaplain commenting on the University’s march towards becoming one of the ten best universities in the next nine years acknowledged that there is the work path to achieving this, but the spiritual dimension should not be discarded.

According to her, it is when the spiritual dimension is engaged effectively that little physical and intellectual effort would be exerted to get it done. “A combination of the spiritual and physical work is what would culminate in speedy accomplishment of the Vision,” she concluded.