Covenant University Holds 7th Convocation Ceremony

Covenant University Holds 7th Convocation Ceremony

Covenant University Holds 7th Convocation Ceremony

Activities marking the 7th Convocation ceremony of Covenant University reached the climax on Friday, June 29, 2012, when a total of 1,454 graduating students were awarded First and Higher Degrees

A breakdown of the figure showed that 1,372 bagged their first degree while 89 were in the Masters and Doctoral categories. A further breakdown revealed that 88 graduates made a First-Class, 644 were in the Second Class Upper (2:1) category, while 567 were in Second Class Lower (2:2) division. Only 73 made Third Class.

The School of Postgraduate Studies produced 70 Masters and 19 Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D) holders.

While delivering his speech titled “Towards the Rescue of a Nation on the brink of Collapse: Necessity for a New Generation of Thinkers”, the Chancellor, Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo advised that for Africa to develop there is the need for a new mindset of possibility mentality. This, he said, is the stance upon which Covenant University is anchored.

“We are driven by a vision of possibilities and we take the steps of faith through working out practical and life-applicable principles. This is what underscores the possibility mentality, which is one of our Core Values at Covenant University”, he said.

Dr. Oyedepo noted that no institution can maintain relevance operating an obsolete curriculum, hence a complete overhaul of the existing curriculum in our Institutions. He added that Covenant University as a mission University holds the Bible as God’s final authority as far as the affairs of life are concerned. He recommended that individuals should stand up strongly in prayers in order to secure the future of our children in their generation.

He urged the graduating students to uphold the Core Values of Possibility Mentality to make the most of their journey in life and to remain connected to God and to the goods of others.

Also speaking at the Convocation Ceremony, the immediate past Vice-President (Africa), The World Bank, Mrs. Obiageli Ezekwesili who delivered a Keynote Address titled, “A Generation That Turns the World”, urged the graduating students to be confident in the face of identifying opportunities, confronting challenges, mobilizing solutions and excelling in entrepreneurship and public service for the progress of humanity.

She advised that they should imbibe some core characteristics of the Eagle Bird which include: “hard work, setting of high standards, they should be full of life, an enduring spirit, a keen vision that enables them the necessary long distance focus and clarity needed for a competitive edge amongst their global peers”.

Speaking earlier at the ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aize Obayan , noted that Covenant University is not just a University, it is a phenomenal construction of change birthed from visionary platforms, defining pillars for repositioning the lost cradle of civilization and providing a pathway in fulfilling the prophesy in Isaiah 2:2.

Professor Obayan reiterated some of the feats and accomplishments of the University in the last one year. She said Covenant University was listed among the best Universities in the Argus Software Challenge for Universities across the globe. The University emerged 4th position in the Challenge.

She admonished the graduating students to go forth and bear fruits, and take their world by storm. She also advised them to remember the words of their Father, Dr. David Oyedepo and put to practice and good use all that has been deposited into them on the grounds of Covenant University.