Covenant University Hosts 5th Edition of Poetry Competition

Covenant University Hosts 5th Edition of Poetry Competition


The fifth edition of a poetry competition titled “In the Spirit of Poetry” was held in Covenant University on February 26, 2015. The programme was organized by Saint Psalmstar Artville, a creative art outfit established to promote the study of Arts and Humanities through child’s theatre education and theatre engineering.

The essence of the programme, according to the organizers, was to revive poetic culture and dramatic skills in students.

The programme focused on drama and analysis of West African Examination Council’s recommended poems in order to simplify the supposed difficult subjects. According to the Creative Director, Mr. Jolaosho Adeoluwa, the need for this edition was to foster career guides for the Arts and Humanities among secondary school students and to allay the fear exhibited by students as regards poetry.

The programme had seventeen (17) secondary schools in attendance, including Covenant University Secondary School and Home Science Secondary School among others. The students of Covenant University were also present at the event.

The participants were educated on the different concepts of drama and poetry. They were also enlightened on the history and importance of drama and poetry in Africa as well as given tips on how to act drama. The disparity between poetry, drama and other literary genres was also cleared.

While welcoming the participants, the Chaplain of Covenant University, Pastor Segun Omidiora, emphasized the need for the inspiration of God for one to prosper in the field of poetry and drama. He also said that a relationship with the Holy Spirit was required before one could get access to inspiration. He, therefore, pronounced blessings on the students and coordinators of the programme.

A famous Nigerian Poet, Sola Owonibi, who is the author of the poem titled ‘Homeless not Hopeless’ was also present at the programme.

The programme witnessed a lot of presentations of drama and poems. Some of the poems that were performed by the students include Expelled, Homeless not Hopeless, the Bully and the Soul’s Errand.

High level of creativity and intelligence were displayed by the students, which made it tough for the organizers and the audience, which included the Covenant University students, to determine the winner. The winner was, however, chosen by a consensus among the audience in attendance. A female student from Jacobs Secondary School eventually emerged the winner and went with a number of prizes. Consolation prizes were also given to other schools.