Covenant University Renews Commitment to Creating Knowledge

Covenant University Renews Commitment to Creating Knowledge

Covenant University Renews Commitment to Creating Knowledge

Chancellor, Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, making his 1st presentation on the topic : “Living the Covenant University Dream” at the programme

The Covenant University Executive Advance for 2014/2015 Academic Session got under way on Monday, August 4, 2014, with a renewed commitment by the University to become a major player in the creation of knowledge.

Making the pledge on behalf of the University was the Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo, while delivering his first paper titled, “Living the Covenant University Dream” at the event.

Dr Oyedepo said, “At Covenant University, we are not just committed to contributing to knowledge but to becoming a major player in the creation of knowledge. This is why our products are trained to be solution providers through creative knowledge and solution-thinking.”

At the event, which has “In Pursuit of Vision 10:2022” as its theme, the Chancellor re-affirmed the University’s commitment to see every of her graduates ‘transformed’ to agents of change to their world.

Dr Oyedepo who is also the Chairman, Board of Regents (the highest governing body) of the University described tradition as the worst enemy of development and advancement. He explained that Covenant University was built on a strong philosophy of ‘Change’, adding that it was a departure from the traditions of learning into the dynamics of discovery.

“This founding philosophy of Covenant University, in the main, emphasizes a needed departure from the tradition of schooling to dynamics of learning and living as stated in our founding ethos”, he explained.

Dr Oyedepo also expressed the commitment of the University to taking up intellectual arms to spearhead a revolution in education. He argued that the University was envisioned to be a revolution in education. However, he noted that every revolution is a product of reaction. The University, he said, was reacting to vices such as the deterioration in the education system; intellectual poverty and moral decadence; and many years of neglect by the government that now enslave the future of the next generation, among others.

He, therefore, urged participants to come up with solution-providing ideas in order to build a great nation. “Ideas really rule the world and if the black man shall gain his place in space, he must be a generator of solution-providing ideas. Ideas are mental virtues accessible only by thinkers or men who engage in reasoning, that is, logical, rational and analytical thinking. At the root of every gain is the use of the brain. The poverty of the black man is the evidence of unused mental capacity; it is brainwork that makes things work”, he explained.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, in his opening remarks stated that the event was put together noting the place of preparation in running with a vision. “We are all here to rub minds on how to run with the vision. It is important that we touch base with different roles we need to play to achieve excellence.”

Professor Ayo noted that though the University was not where it ought to be, through the Executive Advance and the grace of God, it would fulfil the vision.

Also, in his welcome remarks, the Registrar, Dr Olumuyiwa Oludayo, expressed the belief that within the period of the Executive Advance, every participant would be refreshed and strengthened to build on the existing success.

The Covenant University’s Executive Advance is an annual capacity building programme for Faculty and Senior Non-Teaching Staff to signpost the expectations for the achievement of the set Vision.

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