Covenant University Strengthens its Relationship with French Embassy

Covenant University Strengthens its Relationship with French Embassy

Covenant University Strengthens its Relationship with French Embassy

CU Management with Programme Officer, French Embassy, Mr. Rafiu Omoloye

“Covenant University needs French in order to increase its influence in Africa,” Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo stated during a meeting with the French Embassy’s Programme Officer, Mr Rafiu Omoloye, on Thursday, October 8, 2015. The purpose of Mr Omoloye’s visit was to present information to the University management and members of the Department of Lanugages & General Studies, and the Department of Mass Communication in order to explore the possibility of forming collaborations with the French Embassy and French educational institutions.

The Vice-Chancellor offered his sincere appreciation to Mr Omoloye for visiting the University and shared his aspirations to see a French Resource Centre established in Covenant University.

The Registrar, Pastor Olamide Olusegun, in his remarks welcomed Mr Omoleye stating that he believed the collaboration between Covenant University and the French Embassy would assist in moving the University closer towards achieving its vision; to be one of 10 in 10.

Mr Omoleye shared a presentation about the benefits of students being involved in international exchanges. He informed the gathering that France is the 3rd most popular destination for international student mobility. He mentioned that one of the benefits of Covenant University students studying in France is that they will develop a good command of the French language. This is important in Africa, as many West African nations were colonised by the French.

In his presentation, Mr Omoleye shared that contrary to common belief, many private institutions in France offer a variety of programmes which are taught in English. He encouraged faculty from the Department of Languages to encourage students to apply for an MSc programme in English. He also presented a number of scholarship options in which the students can take advantage.

The Vice-Chancellor, in his response to Mr Omoleye’s presentation, reflected on a visit he made to France in December of 2014 in which he and a member of University management were taken around a number of private universities in France. The Vice-Chancellor remarked that he had been impressed by the fantastic quality of education he witness in the institutions visited. “Their facilities were state of the art and the universities and industries work together,” he remarked. The Vice Chancellor mentioned that the visit had inspired some of the more recent initiatives implemented by the University; namely the forming of stronger links with industries. He informed the gathering that the policy to allow members of industry to teach the students, is nearly ready.

Professor Ayo expressed his desire to see Covenant University’s International Office assist with visa related issues, presenting the possibility of becoming an office where biometric data required for visas, could be collected. This would minimise some of the red tape University management have experienced when exploring visa issues in Lagos. He expressed his interest in collaborating with the French Embassy, and his desire to see them reciprocate the gesture by recommending how Covenant University can move forward in their strategy to internationalise.

Also in attendance were; the Director, International Office & Linkages, Dr Omotayo Osibanjo; members of the Department of Mass Communications; members of the Department of Languages & General Studies and members of the Directorate of Media and Corporate Affairs.