Covenant University Work Study Programme - Undeniable Impact

Covenant University Work Study Programme - Undeniable Impact

Covenant University Work Study Programme -  Undeniable Impact

Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Professor Charles K. Ayo making his remarks at the meeting

Covenant University has not relented in her tireless efforts to drive her striking vision ‘one of ten-in-ten.’ Since the inception of this great institution in 2002, it has been blazing trails in the higher educational sector in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa, and with the number of accolades building up in its archives; the entire world would soon be its playing field.

One of the major ways Covenant University builds the capacity of her students is through the work-study programme. It is a programme that took off in 2006, barely four years after CU was birthed as an institution.

The Management of Covenant University believes that capacity building centres on skill development, and lack of skill can kill any dream. While spirituality and mentality position man for leadership, it is capacity that enables him to deliver.

Speaking on Capacity Building on many occasions, the Chancellor of Covenant University, Dr. David Olaniyi Oyedepo defines it as, “Possessing the ability to deliver a given task.” This is why Covenant University will remain committed to academic excellence and continue to drive her students through the crucible of personal development in pursuit of their individual dreams.

The Chancellor further emphasized that it is skill that turns trash into treasure. In his words, “Our mission is to inculcate an untiring quest for capacity building, enhancement of professional capabilities and personal development into our students. We saw in scriptures how a team of nonentities as reported in 1 Sam. 22:3 turned out to become mighty men of valour by 2 Sam. 23:8 through the "magic" of skill development and capacity building.”

While discussing with Deacon Femi Anlemi, the Principal Assistant Registrar, Academic Affairs, on the scheme, this reporter gathered that the scheme has so far helped a lot of CU students through difficult times financially, thereby fulfilling one of the key objectives of the Work Study programme.

In his words, “The work-study scheme was put in place to give students work experience while still in school, and to assist those who are financially challenged.”

During an interview session with some of the students on the work study scheme, it was enlightening to note how much insight they have into the benefits of the scheme to their academic pursuits as well as individual visions alike.

One of the work-study participants, Ifeoma Nicole Nwadioke, a 200 Level student of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management who is currently deployed to the Corporate and Public Affairs Department of Covenant University as an Editorial staff, says she’s very excited about her area of deployment, as writing is her strongest passion.

Miss Nwadioke’s interest in writing makes one wonder if she would not have been better off studying Creative Writing instead of Industrial Relations, but again, that’s one of the benefits of the work-study program; helping students with hands-on experience and practical expression of their potentials.

In her own words, “Writing is not really related to my field of study, but writing is my passion, and since I started, I have been working with very nice people who have been teaching and mentoring me.” She also said she is currently writing a novel which she hopes to publish very soon.

Another work-study student, Mr. Favour Njoku says he is in the programme to make extra income to support himself in school. According to him, the program has been able to help him with his basic upkeep in school. He thanked the management for such an opportunity for students to earn extra income and still have adequate time for their studies.

Mr. Njoku said, “I would have been cash-strapped in school, especially this semester, if not for the financial benefits realized from the work-study programme.”

Commenting on the benefits of the scheme, the Vice Chancellor of Covenant University, Professor Charles Korede Ayo, said the University is still working hard to expand the work-study opportunities in order to assist more financially challenged students, so that they are not disadvantaged academically while they are going through their temporary challenges.

The work study programme has indeed been of immense help to CU undergraduates either by way of providing the much needed extra income, discovering hidden abilities and potentials, or gaining work experience.