Covenant University’s New Academic Integrity Initiative- #ICANDEFENDMYGRADE

Covenant University’s New Academic Integrity Initiative- #ICANDEFENDMYGRADE

Covenant University’s New Academic Integrity Initiative- #ICANDEFENDMYGRADE


In a world where one scandal after another emerges, a reputation of integrity is priceless. Since the establishment of Covenant University in 2002, the University has been committed to academic integrity. This includes values such as avoidance of cheating or plagiarism; maintenance of academic standards; and honesty as well as rigor in research and academic publishing.

In her drive for academic integrity, as noted in the Mission Statements and as represented in the Core Values, the University has moved toward an inclusive approach to inspiring academic integrity in the ongoing Omega Semester examination. This initiative is executed through the platform of the Student Council in order to take a further step to make students aware of the consequences of academic dishonesty.

The Student Council Vice-President (Male), Mr. Onyekachukwu Ogwu, a 400 Level Accounting student, said, “the initiative is to foster moral code or ethical policy of academia in the ongoing examination, which includes values such as avoidance of cheating or plagiarism.”

According to him, “#ICANDEFENDMYGRADE is an Academic Integrity Initiative aimed at reducing the rate of exam malpractice during the Omega examination period. Students are sensitized about integrity and advised that the quest for truth and knowledge requires intellectual and personal honesty in learning, teaching, research and service.

“During this Omega Semester examination, students need to feel that their hard work is being recognized and fairly evaluated, and that other students do not have an unfair advantage through cheating in exams, essays, or projects.” He added.

Happy to be a part of this initiative, Miss. Adewole Toluwanimi, a 100 Level student of the Department of Industrial Mathematics, said it is a thing of joy to be involved in a positive campaign that can help solve challenges faced by the educational sector.

In today’s contemporary world where technology is one of the most predominant factors that influence the educational system, Covenant University Students have created awareness that has gone viral about academic integrity, using different ICT means to express, share or exchange information within and outside the University community.

Examination malpractice is neither a recent phenomenon nor peculiar to Nigeria but its alarming rate of increase calls for concern from all stakeholders. In addition, Covenant University calls every stakeholder in the educational sector, to participate in this movement to reduce examination malpractice in the country by making honesty the foundation of good academic work.

To join this movement, make use of #ICANDEFENDMYGRADE on any of the social media, follow Covenant University on Twitter @cuhebron, like our Facebook page - Covenant University, and visit us on Instagram-Covenantuniversityota.