Covenant University’s Project One Million Souls Reaches out to the Underprivileged

Covenant University’s Project One Million Souls Reaches out to the Underprivileged


Project One Million Souls, the humanitarian arm of Covenant University’s Students’ Council went to town recently to show love, care and give hope to the less privileged in the society. Representatives of the group visited the Yaba Boys Correctional Center, Yaba and Cheshire Home, Mushin, both in Lagos State, extending their hands of love to residents of both facilities.

The Caretaker of the Yaba Boys Correctional Center, Lagos, Mr. Adeniji, was delighted to receive members of the team and used the occasion to introduce them to the boys. Afterwards, the Coordinator of Project One Million Souls’ Remand Home Team, Mr. Michael Asuquo, stated the purpose of the visit. According to him, the outreach was all about extending to the boys the integrity of God’s love for humanity, and establishing a mutual relationship between Project One Million Souls and residents of the home.

The visiting team was given the opportunity of having a breakout session, during which they interacted with the young folks in the facility. Chibuike, a 12-year-old occupant of the home, who aspired to be an artist, moved to the home due to his family’s financial challenges. As a result, he became depressed. According to him, “The world has nothing to offer.” However, the young boy was assured of God’s love and counseled to remain hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Similarly, 18-year-old Wale lived with the aspiration of becoming a journalist. He found himself at the Centre after he went missing. Tolu, a 14-year-old boy, who was transferred to the Centre from an orphanage on August 12, 2014, was dumped by his mother at night. He never knew his family. Tolu was very intelligent and he proved it by presenting some of his test scripts to the visiting team, stating that he looked forward to becoming an Accountant someday. Currently the young boy is a beneficiary of an educational scholarship.

At the end of the session, the Caretaker of the Center, Mr. Adeniji, appreciated the team for making timeout despite their busy schedule to come visit them. He suggested that there should be more private participation in the running of the Center for better results and shaping of destinies that were resident in the facility.

He also solicited for more support, funding and donation from private organizations and kindhearted individuals, because government could not do everything on its own.

Similarly, the Destitute Support Group (DSG) of Project One Million Soul braced an inclement weather to visit Cheshire Home, Mushin, Lagos. The Chairman of the home, Mr. Olumide Adegbenro and other members of the home warmly welcomed the group.

The group leader of DSG said that the aim of their visit was to propagate the gospel of God’s love and care to the occupants of the home, while also helping them to understand that God’s love is unconditional, irrespective of physical, mental and even spiritual disabilities the residents may be living with.

The group exhorted occupants of the home on the essence of sacrifice. According to Miss Kofo Talabi of DSG, “God sending His Son to die for the salvation of all men, points to the need for everyone to embrace a sacrificial lifestyle.”

The group reiterated the importance of embracing the sacrifice of love that God has made for all, by drawing near to Him and loving Him. “This is the foundation for accessing God’s plans for your lives, irrespective of your present situation,” he stated.

At an interactive session, the Chairman of the home, Mr. Olumide Adegbenro, said the main source of income for the home was through internal revenue generation scheme from participants’ engagement in some crafts.

Aside from training members of the home, the management of the facility also propelled them to embrace work life to further enhance the various skills that they had been taught, thereby encouraging individuality and independence of the mind.

In addition, the DSG was told that the home strove to provide basic services for members by ensuring that they were given access to education and created platforms for the celebration of special days’ in the lives of every resident of the home.

At the end of the programme, the Destitute Support Group extended the hands of human kindness by making gifts presentation to the home, which was greatly appreciated.

Project One Million Souls was founded on a quartet pillar of Love, People, Community Development and Sacrifice, with a commitment to bringing succor to the less privileged in the society.