Fayetteville State University Students Visit Covenant University Again

Fayetteville State University Students Visit Covenant University Again

Fayetteville State University Students Visit Covenant University Again

For the second time in two years, Covenant University has hosted Faculty and students of Fayetteville States University, USA under the staff/students Exchange Programme of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two institutions. The first exchange was in June 2009.

This year's visit comprises of three students namely Mr. Isong Idio (200 level Computer Science), Richard Bazzelle (Biology) - graduate student and Miss Natisha Hall (200 level Biology) and their coordinator, Professor Daniel Okunbor. The team arrived Covenant University on June 17, 2011 and will be on campus for two weeks to learn about the culture and people of Nigeria.

Commenting on the impacts of the exchange programme so far, Dr. Daniel Okunbor said, “We are so glad that this linkages linger on and that the two universities have been able to keep the exchange programme going and that the previous experience was so great in terms of cultural richness, student understanding of other people's culture, history and the educational system.

He said further that, “One of the focus of Fayetteville State University is the internalization of her programmes and believed that the exchange programme FSU had with Covenant University is really promoting that.” When asked about his impression of Covenant University since the commencement of the programme, he said that Covenant University has been an institution close to his heart because of the available infrastructure, the quality of training and high level discipline exhibited by the students.

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In the comments of the students on this year's exchange programme, Mr Isong Idio who is a Nigerian but was born in the USA said, “This is a great opportunity for me to learn more about my culture, meet people as well as learn more about how they live their lifes here in Nigeria. I am particularly thrilled by the people I have met because people here are hardworking, trustworthy and they are really focused people. People here do not really care about their environment either positive or negative but they are resilient in all they do”.

Also expressing her view,Miss Natisha Hall said she has learnt a lot including different languages in Nigeria, met a lot of people from different tribes as well as ate different Nigerian delicacies and expects to experience more of all these throughout her stay here in Nigeria. She further said she hopes to learn more about the culture as well as meet different tribes of people and interact with them, visit places since they are in a very different environment with a different culture from where they are coming from.

Mr. Richard Bazzelle in his own comments said he had had a positive experiences about Covenant University since he arrived adding that everyone he has met has really been nice, willing to help. He further said his expectation is to learn more about the culture in Nigeria as well as have hands-on experiences during the in-class sessions. He promised to correct ill impressions other Americans have about Nigerians.

The summer exchange programme will see the students visiting several departments related to their programmes as well as visit different sites both in Lagos and Ogun States for them to further learn more about the rich culture Nigeria has to offer.