“I Want to Bring on Board a More Potent Alumni Association” – Reginald Bassey

“I Want to Bring on Board a More Potent Alumni Association” – Reginald Bassey

“I Want to Bring on Board a More Potent Alumni Association” – Reginald Bassey

Reginald Bassey

The President of Covenant University Alumni Association, Mr. Reginald Bassey, has said that his administration would bring on board, a purposeful association that the University could easily leverage on to influence the society.

Mr. Bassey who took over the mantle of leadership from the first and immediate past president of the Association, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, added that part of his goal was to help the University accomplish its short term goal of Vision 10: 2022.

In an interview he recently granted the University’s Media team, the president, who took over the position in October 2015 said, “I want to bring on board a more potent Alumni Association. Under my watch, we want to galvanise purposefully, to restructure the Association and its communities so that we can put them around common interest that the University can easily leverage on its influence and network.”

Mr. Bassey who graduated from Covenant University among the pioneer set in 2006 noted that if the Association could organise itself in the society, then the University could easily throw a suggestion into the society and get value because it is properly organised. “So my main goal is to launch an Application that will restructure the Alumni. So that it is easy to reach the people, find them and probe our data base and get value,” he added.

He also spoke on the Alumni’s project called HOPE (Helping Other People Excel) which he said was a spin-off of Project One Million Souls, a non-for-profit humanitarian organisation he co-founded with other student leaders in his undergraduate days.

HOPE, according to him, has been empowering young people to become change agents in the society. He added that the non-profit organisation created a curriculum called CITY (Catch and Inspire Them Young) and ran regular camps in five cities of Lagos, Ota, Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt to help young people become responsible for changing circumstances in the society.

He therefore advised his members to, “Be intentional in what they do, because it is only people who are intentional that can make the desired change”.