“The Integrity Factor must be Upheld at all Times if Vision 10:2022 must be Realized…” Pastor Faith Oyedepo

“The Integrity Factor must be Upheld at all Times if Vision 10:2022 must be Realized…” Pastor Faith Oyedepo

“The Integrity Factor must be Upheld at all Times if Vision 10:2022 must be Realized…” Pastor Faith Oyedepo

The 1st Vice-President Education, Living Faith Church Worldwide, and esteemed member of the Board of Regents, Covenant University, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo, has charged members of Management, Faculty and Staff of the University on the need to uphold the virtue of integrity if they desire to see the fulfillment of Vision 10:2022.

Speaking on the topic “The Integrity Factor in the Pursuit of Vision” at the just concluded Executive Advance for the 2014/2015 academic session, Pastor (Mrs.) Oyedepo stated that the idea behind the Living Faith Church’s educational institutions, of which Covenant University is an integral part, is to open up the potentials of young individuals to maximizing their God-given destinies.

According to her, Covenant University is an institution founded on the highest standards of Christian integrity, and as such must be concerned about issues that pertain to the ethical dimension of institutional actions and actions of its employees as well as representatives in the course of employment.

Pastor (Mrs.) Oyedepo posited that as a Christian institution established and being driven by vision, integrity becomes a major core value that must not be compromised for any reason whatsoever.

She noted that from the simple definition of the word integrity, it is self-evident that one may judge others to have integrity to the extent that they act according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold. She asked every member of the Covenant University family to answer the simple self-examination question, “Am I a part of the problem or part of the solution in the University?”

The first Vice-President Education, Living Faith Church Worldwide, stated that the basic traits of an individual that lacks integrity are selfishness, double-mindedness and making too many compromises.

She asserted that an understanding and practice of the principles of integrity would inspire every member of Faculty and Staff in pursuit of Vision 10:2022 to greater achievements. According to her, “You cannot successfully pursue the vision of this institution, and indeed Vision 10:2022, until you first make integrity the brickwork foundation of your life.”

She charged members of the University community to adhere to the moral standards put in place by the University authority, as that is the hallmark of a person of integrity. “The test of one’s integrity, therefore, is to protect and preserve the Vision the University is trying to actualize,” she said.

In addition, Pastor (Mrs.) Oyedepo said integrity is of utmost importance towards actualizing the Vision 10:2022, which is to be listed among the top 10 universities by 2022.

She concluded by tasking all participants to take a stand for integrity in the face of adversity, as integrity cannot be wished; it has to be built and sustained in order to attract the benefits among which are trans-generational blessings from God, preservation, confidence, better decisions, distinction and extended area of influence.

The programme, which held between Monday, August 4 and Friday 8, 2014, at the African Leadership Development Centre of the University, was with the theme, ‘In Pursuit of Vision 10:2022.’ It was organized to prepare and help Faculty and Senior Non-Teaching Staff of Covenant University build capacity ahead of the 2014/2015 academic session.