“We Have Great Memories of Our Undergraduate Days in CU,”...Kenya Alumnae

“We Have Great Memories of Our Undergraduate Days in CU,”...Kenya Alumnae

“We Have Great Memories of Our Undergraduate Days in CU,”...Kenya Alumnae

Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Professor Charles K. Ayo(M) flanked by Miss Loice Kitsao (L) and Miss Majorie Okeyo , former CU students from Kenya

Two Kenyans, Sheila Loice Kitsao and Marjorie Okeyo were among the first sets of international students in Covenant University. Recently they visited their alma mater and had a sweet reminiscence of their undergraduate days at Nigeria’s number one private university and how they were able to successfully make the most of the opportunity availed them to study in Nigeria.

Speaking during the visit to the University, Sheila and Marjorie, who graduated in 2009 and 2010 respectively, said they hold in their hearts fond memories of their undergraduate days in the University. According to Sheila, “Looking back at our early days in Covenant University, I think the ‘Chapel Services praise and worship sessions,’ the ‘Worship Him in the Evening’ service (WHITE) with Pastor Ntia helping us connect with the real essence of worship are some non-academic activities that makes studying in Covenant University one with a unique experience.”

Majorie on her part stated that the night meetings that were always organized was something she has continue to cherish, because those meetings have developed her capacity to make the most of the night seasons, even in her current work environment.

The Kenya nationals said their coming to Nigeria for study excited them and as such, they were able to find families within the University community who took them as their own family. “We were very excited about coming to study here, we found a family who took us as their own and as a result we felt we had our families here, despite the cultural differences.

Sheila stated that Covenant University is an institution in a class of its own. “The kind of programme we were exposed to was rigorous, demanding and challenging, but at the end the effect is paying off for us today.

Sheila, who graduated from the Department of Business Management, said one thing that stands the University out from others in the continent is the fact that the University is committed to its vision and gives students rounded education that opens their mind in a totally different way, thereby helping them tap into their innate capacities.

They noted that Covenant University’s academic curriculum is one that is operated holistically, that is training of students with a vision of what they ought to be in life from the spirituality platform to academic and physical enhancement through the Total Man Concepts. According to them, “We are glad we pass through Covenant University.”

Sheila, who currently works with the Kenyan Railway Corporation in the Business Development and Corporate Planning Department, said it is her heart desire that the world system would inculcate selflessness into work culture, as found in the University’s Core Value of sacrifice. “If only everyone can lead a sacrificial lifestyle, doing what they love for the love of others, the world would be a much better place,” she added.

Marjorie, who graduated from the Department of International Relations and currently works with Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), commended the University Management for establishing Covenant University International Students Association (CUISA). This, she said, would engender bonding and facilitate foreign students’ integration into the host community.

She reminisced on the level of international students’ representation in their day and what currently obtains today. According to her, “In our days there was just a trickle of international students, with Kenya being the dominant numbers. We also had a couple of students from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Malawi, Cameroon and one South African.”

The Kenya born Covenant University alumnae came on a short visit and felt it necessary to visit their alma mater, and visit some Nigerian friends in a bid to maintain contact with them.