Spiritual Programmes

Spiritual Programmes



To achieve the above-mentioned tasks we engage in the following programs & Activities.


  • Mid-Week Chapel Service
    the Mid-week Chapel service is to maintain the spiritual life of faculty staff and students for the week. The Tuesday Chapel service at 8:00am is for faculty staff and students in 300level to 500level, while Thursday Chapel service at 8:00am is faculty staff and students in 100 and 200level.
  • Sunday Morning Worship Service
    Presently Sunday Services holds at the Faith Tabernacle
  • Cell Fellowship Program
    This fellowship holds in every Floor of the Halls of residence on Wednesday by 6:00pm.
  • Believers Foundation Classes
    This is a follow-up program for the new convert which holds every Sunday evenings.
  • Week of Spiritual Emphasis
    This is a 3-day spiritual program of Word teachings/ ministrations and impartation which holds once a session in the omega semester.
  • Career/Spiritual Development Program.
    We also organize special career/spiritual development program where we invite special guest speakers from outside the university community to talk to the students on a particular subject of interest.
  • Counselling
    We offer counselling services for both staff and students.
  • Welfare Services
    We give welfare to indigent students to help them cope with the rigor of academic stress.
  • WHITE(Worship Him in The Evening)

This is a monthly praise session where the entire community gather in offering praises unto God and it holds on the last day of the month.

  • Hour of Destiny

A daily prayer and supplication time where individuals gather for an hour usually from 6pm to 7pm and by the special grace of God testimonies abound from this meeting.

  • Hall Empowerment Nights

This is a special outreach programme organised on a hall by hall basis from time to time.