60% of Top 10 of the Top 500 Authors in Nigeria by Publication Volume in the Past 5 Years from Covenant

60% of Top 10 of the Top 500 Authors in Nigeria by Publication Volume in the Past 5 Years from Covenant


Covenant University continues to cement her enviable status as Nigeria's most research-driven institution by producing 6 of the top 10 authors in the country by publication volume within the last five years.

Covenant's dominant publication profile became manifest courtesy of the latest computation by SciVal, an online tool that offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 7,000 research institutions and 220 nations worldwide using bibliometrics.

SciVal, in its assessment of the top 500 authors in Nigeria by publication volume from 2015 to 2020, declared that 60% of top 10 of the top 500 authors assessed were authors from Covenant University. Professor Sanjay Misra of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering led the pack from the institution.

Professor Misra, had 236 scholarly output, 449 citations, and 18 h-index to emerge 2nd in the top 10 cuts. Dr Isaac Ojo Fayomi of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with 230 scholarly output, 663 citations, and 18 h-index, and Dr Moses Emetere of the Department of Physics with 211 scholarly output, 392 citations, and 12 h-index, both of Covenant, emerged 3rd and 4th respectively.

It was also Covenant in the 6th and 7th positions as Dr Hilary Okagbue of the Department of Mathematics garnered 148 scholarly output, 881 citations, and 15 h-index, and Professor Roland Loto of the Department of Mechanical Engineering had 144 scholarly output, 507 citations, and 16 h-index.

Covenant's Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero of the Electrical and Information Engineering Department, had 114 scholarly output, 458 citations, and 12 h-index to emerge 10th.

The leading Covenant author in this assessment, Sanjay Misra, is a Professor of Computer (Software) Engineering. He is the Head, Software Engineering, Modelling and Intelligent Systems Research Cluster in Covenant.

Professor Misra's research interests include Software quality assurance, Software Metrics, Information Engineering, Software Engineering applications, Web Service/Engineering, Software Process Improvement, Software project management, and Object-oriented technologies, among others.

To God alone be all the glory!

60% of top 10 of the Top 500