Acquire New Skills, ACCA Tasks Accounting Professionals

Acquire New Skills, ACCA Tasks Accounting Professionals

Acquire New Skills, ACCA Tasks Accounting Professionals

Marketing Manager, East and West Africa for ACCA, Mrs. Mukoso Eddie-Obiakor, making her presentation at the Department of Accounting's Town and Gown Seminar

The future of the accounting profession belongs to professionals willing to depart from the traditional practice and develop new skill set, representatives of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) have asserted.

The Head, Education and Development, Sub-Saharan Africa, ACCA, Mr. Jonathan Mbewe; and the association’s Marketing Manager, East and West Africa, Mrs. Mukoso Eddie-Obiakor, had in their respective presentations at a Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Accounting, Covenant University, emphasized that accountants must imbibe new ideas towards emerging excellent in their chosen field.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Accounting and the Power of Imagination’ at the Town and Gown seminar held on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, Mr. Mbewe stated that the accounting profession was in dire need of accountants with broad thinking, sound knowledge of emotional intelligence and passionate in getting results for their organisations.

According to him, “You must be able to think ahead with a sound understanding of various business environments toward adding value to the profession and business”.

On her part, Mrs. Eddie-Obiakor told the audience, comprised of students and faculty members, that there was an urgent need for those in the field of accounting, especially those seeking ACCA’s certification, to think ahead by being proactive and anticipate potentials as they venture far into the future.

It was important, she noted, that today’s accountants moved beyond the realm of contemporary practice and be ready to help organisations flourish. For this to happen, she said that, “Accounting students must of necessity carry out an analysis of themselves, know and improve on their strengths in the course of study, identify weaknesses and work at making a success of them, lookout for new opportunities that will make them unique and standout in the accounting profession, as well as isolating and analyzing threats on the way to success”.

The Dean, College of Business and Social Sciences, Covenant University, Professor Francis Iyoha, had in his remarks averred that there could be no innovation where there was a dearth of imaginative power. According to him, “The accounting profession has lost its sense of imagination, and it’s a good thing that ACCA is attempting to change accounting to a profession that is critical and imaginative in approach”.

In her comments, the Head, Department of Accounting, Dr. Olubukunola Uwuigbe, challenged upcoming accountants to deploy the power of imagination to the profession, as the main difference between man and animal is the humour and imaginative power the former has.

How to bring the power of imagination to bear real time is what the topic of the day’s Town and Gown seminar was all about, she added.