Adaptability to New World of Workplace Vital to Success – HR Expert

Adaptability to New World of Workplace Vital to Success – HR Expert

Adaptability to New World of Workplace Vital to Success – HR Expert

Director, Professional Development, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM), Dr.Charles Obiajulu Ugwu, Keynote Speaker at the CBSS’s Hooding event.

The graduating Class of 2019 in the College of Business and Social Sciences (CBSS), Covenant University, has been told to brace up and adapt to the realities of the world of work, if they must fit into the fast-pace and technologically-driven world of work. This message was handed down by the Director, Professional Development, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria, Dr. Charles Obiajulu Ugwu, who was Keynote Speaker at the CBSS’s Hooding event.

While averring that adaptability remained the ace for every potential employee fitting into the future of work with ease, Dr. Ugwu, who spoke on the theme, “Fitting into the future of Work: Your Readiness Toolkit,” noted that the old world of work environment considered skills, competence, reward, amongst others as the total concepts of work. He added that the emerging and future work environment was built around an opened, networked, controlled and hierarchical, unified, collaborative and diverse, but cooperative system.

The Keynote Speaker highlighted some key concerns which he said were troubling to the workforce of today. These included trying to understand the intricacies of the work place, interlocking fragility as a result of globalization, fear of technological singularity, and if the whole puzzle was evolutionary or transformational. The Senior Consultant with the Garson Lehman Group (GLG-Austin Texas), was of the view that there was a serious work interplay in the current work environment that ensured that the job, worker and workplace correlated with the skills and work tool, in delivering quality product and service, whether at a virtual or physical location.

He highlighted some readiness toolkits that could help graduands navigate the new world’s work environment to learn skills and combine them in creative ways in order to maintain relevance in the workplace. According to him, these skills included but not limited to creativity, multiskilling, digital literacy, resilience, adaptability, and agility to become enterprising with an entrepreneurial spirit.

He noted that of all the listed toolkits, adaptability was vital in the way every employee adjusted to the world of work, with a willingness to learn new ways to accomplish work objectives. This, he said, would reflect on the new way one must think, behave, act and take control at work during decision making process.

Dr. Ugwu submitted that the adaptability compass entailed figuring out how to thrive in the world with a view to survive, endure, and remain resolute without exuding any negative attitude to work. He challenged the graduating class to learn systems thinking, so as to maintain cordial existence through mutual interaction with many other parts of the whole. According to him, “Know exactly where your piece fits in the overall puzzle”.

In his welcome remark, the Dean, College of Business and Social Sciences, Professor Phillip Alege, told the graduating students that the journey to their glorious future had just begun, and it was important that they take serious heed of the counsel and industry expectations that the day’s Keynote Speaker would be sharing with them.

Professor Alege noted that Covenant, being a university running in a divine system, would not renege on her resolve to be diligent in the discharge of her imperative duties to continually fashion out the best brains and minds for the emancipation of the black race. According to him, “Our loyalty and commitment to God and all stakeholders remain total and unconditional”.

Awards were given to outstanding students in the college, with 68 bagging First Class, 211 Second Class Upper, 156 Second Class Lower and 15 Third Class, with Itama Ima Abasi of Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management Department emerging the overall best graduating student in the College with a CGPA of 4.93.