Adding Value: Key Driver of Human Resources

Adding Value: Key Driver of Human Resources

Adding Value: Key Driver of Human Resources

Faculty and Students at Town and Gown Departmental Seminar

Covenant University Sociology students have been enlightened on how to use their sociology background as a stepping-stone in Human Resources Management, at the departmental Town and Gown seminar held at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies on the 27th of September, 2015.

The guest speaker, a Human Resource expert, Mr. Adewale Jones, in his presentation titled, “Human Resource Management in Nigeria’s Private Sector: A Sociologist’s Experience,” explained to the students what human resource entails and its functional role in an organisation.

Mr. Jones identified human resource as the personnel of an organisation whose knowledge, skills and abilities are leveraged upon to achieve its goal. In his words, “Human resources management involve utilising people to get results. Organisations can only succeed when attention is given to assist her employees to achieve certain defined goals.”

He explained further the three key variants of human resources, which includes Transactional Human Resource; that requires a certain level of education, and operates purely in an administrative capacity. Others are the Tactical Human Resource and the Strategic Human Resource. The former deals with solutions to problems such as outsourcing and shared technology while the latter variant, entails alignment between the human resources and the goal of an organisation.

To ensure longevity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Mr. Adewale Jones said that the effective utilisation of human resources must have roots in the organisation’s vision, mission and strategy. “Essentially, the success of any organisation is determined to a great extent by the effective utilisation of its human resources. Train for competence, know the people who are critical to your business,” he emphasised.

The guest speaker, advised the students to increase their knowledge base, build competence, be innovative, understand the value of collaboration and take advantage of existing technology.

Earlier in her remarks, the Head of Sociology Department, Dr Tayo George, said that the seminar was organised to develop the capacity of the students for employability and self-employment. “It is a platform where experts in the industry are invited on a regular basis to share the real life experiences of their success and the lessons learnt,” she further explained.