Advertising Future is in Data Mining Consumers’ profile for Ads Campaign -Expert

Advertising Future is in Data Mining Consumers’ profile for Ads Campaign -Expert

Advertising Future is in Data Mining Consumers’ profile for Ads Campaign -Expert

The Guest Speaker, Mr. Kelechi Nwosu, making his presentation at the Department of Mass Communication's Town and Gown Seminar

The success of advertising professionals in the digital age will require depth of strategy, insightful copywriting skill, acquisition of good understanding of data-science, mass personalization of messages, storytelling and experiences that births conversation with consumers.

The Managing Director, TBWA Concept Unit, Mr. Kelechi Nwosu, who was the Guest Speaker at the Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Mass Communications, Covenant University, stated this on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, where he made a presentation titled “Applied Advertising: Tomorrow’s Professional in a Digital World.”

Mr. Nwosu expressed the view that tomorrow’s advertising professional must be ready to come up with messages that would cut through the various clutter of competing communications and distractions in the digital environment to deliver on the unique propositions. According to him, “To deliver on this, tomorrow’s advertising professional must be brave, insightful and emotional, with a blend of great music and message relevance.”

The guest speaker posited that the future of advertising in the digital world lies in the ability of professionals to embrace data-science and psychology, where psychographic targeting in addition to a comprehensive range of analytics and engagement services are proven game changers that deliver smart solutions and produce real results.

He stated that the aggregates of such data focuses on what the customers post on social media , where they go, their financial transaction profile, which websites they visit, who they are seen with on a real time basis to gain richer , contextual understanding of customers attitudes for profitable engagement.

Mr. Nwosu, however, noted that the big task before the professional in the digital world is how to create highly personalized experiences that engage and exhilarate consumers without breaching their trust and how they can change systemic issues in society using digital environment.

In employing the internet in this era of media convergence, Mr. Nwosu suggested that advertising professionals should endeavour to execute creative ideas in a media agnostic way, while embracing the pop culture to drive engagement. According to him, “Digital customers live in a world far ahead of conventional advertising practice.”

He posited that the advertising world has moved away from the ‘Above The Line’, ‘Below The Line’ and ‘Through The Line’ approaches to advertising campaigns to the scientific dimension, which would require strategic deployment of available tools to ensuring not just a greater share of voice, but also a greater share of mind of the market.

In his remark, Professor Cecil Blake said the lecture showed that practitioners are constantly upping the stake in industrial practice and it behooves the gown to rise up to match expectation, as the final product of any academic environment would always end up in the industry.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, the Head, Department of Mass Communication, Dr. Lanre Amodu, appreciated Mr. Nwosu for investing time and know-how on students of the Department. He told the students that the initiative was not a complete learning process, but another dimension of learning to stimulate their thinking and broaden their horizon in the area of applied advertising.