African Broadcasters Tasked with telling Continents Developmental Stories

African Broadcasters Tasked with telling Continents Developmental Stories

African Broadcasters Tasked with telling Continents Developmental Stories

Members of Mass Communications Department with the Guest Speaker

Upcoming broadcasters have been challenged to tell stories of Africa and Nigeria in a manner that will redress the largely negative views and unbalanced reports emanating from Western news media about the continent.

The Guest Speaker at the Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Mass Communication, Covenant University, Mrs. Didi Akinyelure, speaking on the topic “The Business of Broadcasting and Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs,” on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, said budding broadcasters from Nigeria, with great proclivity on the use of the new media, should develop and equip themselves well to tell the creativity of Africa, and how the continent has been able to surmount its own challenges.

According to her, the media space is in dire need of broadcasters with the ability to tell stories of the continent with global relevance, with roots in Africa. She, however, noted some challenges militating against the narration of the continent’s numerous stories. These include, incidents of fake news, dearth of historical data to bolster reportage and a cross convergence of public relations and journalism.

She tasked up-and-coming broadcasters to embrace the social media environment to tell the continent stories, as these platforms also serve as channels to market their creative talents to the outside world. “The advent of the new media has enlarged the media space, however, it will take doggedness, passion and integrity to succeed in the industry,” she averred.

Mrs. Akinyelure, who was the 2016 Winner of BBC World News Komla Dumor Award, stated that budding professionals should take advantage of internship opportunities, volunteer to offer free services, identify and seize opportunities that the new media milieu offer.

She posited that in an industry that is rigged with corruption, aspiring broadcast journalist should hold onto integrity and be ready to ‘stoop to conquer’. This, she noted, entails the need to push through the fear of rejection and failure.

“Professionals who seek continuous relevance in the broadcast industry must be ready to improve on creativity, become passionate and find out more about the entrepreneurial aspect of the business of broadcasting. To be a successful entrepreneur in the broadcast industry, you must be ready to try out new things, read wide, research into subject of interest, find a mentor, dream big, develop a robust work experience and go digital,” she advised.

In his welcome remark, the Head, Department of Mass Communication, Dr. Lanre Amodu, said the event of the day was about re-engineering the learning environment between the classroom and industry. In his words, “We look forward to tapping into the wealth of experience of professionals in the broadcast industry to broaden and improve on professionalism in this sector.”