Azureus Seeks to Partner Covenant University on EDS Learning Application

Azureus Seeks to Partner Covenant University on EDS Learning Application

Azureus Seeks to Partner Covenant University on EDS Learning Application

Co-Founder, Azureus Nigeria Ltd. Mr. Emeka Mba, making his presentation

Azureus Limited, a firm with homegrown digital solution to problems in the economy, has proposed a partnership with Covenant University on the creation of an application called ‘EDS Digital’, through which students and other people outside the University can have access to knowledge about entrepreneurship on their mobile phones, ipads or tablets, without any stress and at minimal cost.

Unveiling plans for the creation of the application to the Management of Covenant University on Friday, October 13, 2017, a Co-Founder of Azureus Limited, Mr. Emeka Mba, said that currently, delivering lectures on Entrepreneurial Development Studies (EDS) is a logistical exercise with over 1000 students per class. Large number of students, he added, had made EDS a bit diluted, while facilitators had expressed concern.

Mr. Mba, an alumnus of Covenant University, said that having resolved to reduce the barriers to entrepreneurial thinking, Azureus came up with EDS Digital, with which his organization hopes to inspire people to learn, foster collaboration and engagement among students and facilitators; use it as a tool for evaluation; and preserve the inspirational, practical and collaborative nature of the programme.

Highlighting the benefits of the app, the Azureus co-founder said that it helps in easy administration and monitoring of students’ progress, encourages standardized lesson planning, and fosters collaboration and engagement.

While stating that his conviction is the future he sees with the introduction of the application, Mr. Mba expressed optimism that Covenant would be the launching pad for an application that will be accepted nationally and on the African continent.

Situating the proposal by Azureus, the Director, Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies, Dr. Stephen Oluwatobi, said that the CEDS take classes that are very large and had been thinking about how to transfer knowledge to make learning easy in large classes. He posited that the idea of an application as a tool could address the challenges being faced at the CEDS.

The E-Learning Officer of the University, Mr. Ademola Olopade, in his comments, said that it would be necessary for the University to study the application closely but since it’s still being developed, there would have to be further interactions between the University and Azureus Limited, so that the University can compare what it currently has with what Azureus has proposed.

In his remarks, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Shalom Chinedu, representing the Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Professor AAA. Atayero, said that the proposed EDS Digital would be a good area of investment for both the University and Azureus Limited. He added that since the application was still a work in progress, the two organizations would need to come together and plan further on the project.

He appreciated Mr. Mba’s commitment to his alma mater and stressed that the application must have the best of contents and be able to stand the test of time.

Also at the meeting were the Director, Financial Services, Pastor Sunday Abayomi; and Chief Internal Auditor, Pastor Kopji John.