Building Technology Holds Departmental Seminar

Building Technology Holds Departmental Seminar


Students of the Department of Building Technology, Covenant University, have been urged to be creative and proactive in maximizing the use of Dry Construction Methodology because of endless opportunities in the system”.

This advice was given by Architect Abu Osawe, of a leading construction company in Nigeria, Nigerite Nigeria Limited, Lagos State, in his lecture titled,Dry Construction Methodology/Delivery in Nigeria”. The lecture was delivered at the Town and Gown Interaction organized by the department on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, at the College of Science and Technology (CST) Conference Room.

According to him, “technology is advancing at a fast rate and the new generation would do well to be conversant with the new technology of building, which is the Dry Construction Technique.”

He referred to Dry Construction as a method of construction that involves using boards or panels installed on metallic or timber supporting structure to build the external walls, interior walls, ceilings, suspend floors and many other creative applications.

He highlighted elements that make up the Dry Construction: high performance cement boards, plasterboards, galvanized steel framing, timber framing accessories and components, as well as power tools framing.

According to him, “Dry Construction can be applied in different areas, such as in ceilings, floating façade, roof bases, wet areas partition, partitions, floors, façade, façade siding, façade over cladding, and volume cornices, among others”

In his lecture, Arch. Osawe stated that instead of making use of wet construction, the dry construction gives an alternative during renovation. However, it is meant to serve as alternative need solution and not to replace wet construction entirely.

“Greater design flexibility, lesser weight, speed of erecting, less generation of waste on site, better acoustic and thermal control and fire resistance are some of the advantages of employing Dry Construction Methodology”, he said.

The Head, Department of Building Technology, Dr. Ola. I. Fagbenle, stated that Covenant University’s quest for global impact was responsible for the Town and Gown initiative and it would further help in fostering a good working relationship between the academia and the industry.

In his remarks, the Director, Physical Planning and Development, Architect Gbenga Alalade, commended the Department for the choice of study as the world of technology keeps advancing. In addition, he stated that Covenant University is committed to driving partnership with industries such as Nigerite, which will further help in exposing the students to the practical aspect of what they are being taught and make them better equipped for the field.

In attendance at the programme were lecturers and students of the Department of Building Technology, Director of Physical Planning and Development, Architect Gbenga Alalade, Architect Jesse Onovre from Nigerite Ltd, and other invited guests from within and outside the campus.