CIPM Seeks Partnership with Covenant University

CIPM Seeks Partnership with Covenant University

CIPM Seeks Partnership with Covenant University

Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Professor Charles K. Ayo, other Members of CU Management and officials from CIPM in a group photograph after the meeting

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) has initiated moves toward consummating a partnership with Covenant University. This was at the instance of a visit by the executives of the institute to the University, led by its Registrar/CEO, Mr. Sunday Adeyemi.

Mr. Adeyemi said CIPM choose to collaborate with Covenant University because it is one of the few privately owned institutions offering a programme in Human Resource Management in Nigeria. He added that since the institute has had the privilege of recruiting some graduates of the University, there was no doubt that Covenant University was the appropriate place to start from.

The Director of Professional Development at the Institute, Dr. Charles Ugwu said the essence of the visit was to partner with the University and bridge the disconnect between town and gown by ensuring that graduates of Covenant University are both academically sound and professionally certified.

According to him, the relationship between CIPM and Covenant University, if executed, would lead to dual qualifications for students in the social sciences and humanities departments of the University. This means they would have the University’s degree as well as being professionally certified by the institute in the area of Human Resource Management.

Dr. Ugwu noted that it was very possible for students of the University to easily navigate through the institute’s certification programme while at the same time preparing for their degree examination by just reading through the syllabus of CIPM and aligning it with the course content currently in use in the University’s human resource management curriculum.

The certification process of the institute, he stated, is in three different stages, the foundational, intermediate and professional levels, with examinations scheduled to hold every third week of February and August of each year.

In addition, he noted that the institute would be pleased to recommend to CIPM Senate for approval, the establishment of an examination centre in Covenant University. According to him, “We have not had it anywhere, but we think it is going to be possible here because we have seen capacities and facilities that can make it happen.”

CIPM, through the Professional Development department is also looking forward to having Covenant University become one of the hosting grounds for the annual CIPM quiz competition for universities in the South-West Zone of the country.

The institute’s Director of Membership Development, Mrs. Toyin Ojudun, said CIPM would be looking at the prospects of establishing a students’ chapter in Covenant University that would engender membership through adequate engagement of the students toward certification, with their local chapter being the coordinating point.

Mrs. Ojudun also informed the gathering that CIPM has a new platform for certification in place, which is getting membership through the Executives Course Programme. According to her, the route is for senior human resources managers with over 10 years postgraduate experience.

This will be open to individuals in the University like the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Registrar, Directors among others. This group, she opined will be exempted from examinations, but must have evidence to show that they have cross-functional management experience.

The institute also has a programme called the Human Resources Practitioners route, solely packaged for junior/middle managers, first line managers, and supervisors.

Dr. Adeniyi Sholarin of Covenant University’s Department of Psychology, said that he was not surprised by the accolade of the CIPM team on the University’s graduates in the professional examinations of the institute.

According to him, since sociology and psychology are in the institute’s examination, he and a couple of other like minded individuals in the University have consistently invested time in helping students who take an interest in CIPM programmes to lecture them and prepare them for the certification test. In his words, “From our classroom lectures, any of our students can pass the institute’s exam at first sitting.”

At an open interactive session, the institute was asked to create waivers for students with the intent of becoming members of CIPM. This they said would guarantee that students are not over-burdened, taking into account the number of courses already on them, and also ensure that CIPM and Covenant University do not contravene the nation’s universities regulatory bodies position on number of courses a student should be engaged with per time.

The University also advised the team to go beyond seeking to sign up students, to also collaborating with the University in most of her programmes and events. This they said is what would actually foster an enduring relationship.

In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, appreciated the visiting team for the kind words validating the quality of Covenant University graduates. He also told them the best is yet to come.

Professor Ayo said he was impressed with the presentation and intentions of CIPM and that he looked forward to the partnership getting underway. According to him, “This visit and proposal are well accepted and a committee will be put in place immediately for further engagement to properly situate what shape the partnership will take.”

Professor Ayo commended Dr. Adeniyi Sholarin and others for their investment of time and energy in ensuring that the wide gulf between town and gown is adequately bridged, through the extra hours of helping prepare both students and faculty seeking professional certification of CIPM.

In attendance at the meeting were the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, (Administration), Professor Taiwo Abioye, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Aaron Atayero, Registrar, Mr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, Dean, College of Development Studies, Professor Isaiah Olurinola, Deputy Dean, School of Social Science, Dr. Daniel Gberevbie, Deputy Dean, School of Business, Professor Kenneth Adeyemi, Heads of Department of Banking and Finance, Business Management, Psychology and senior members of Faculty in the College of Development Studies.

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