CU Explores Further Advancements in Information Technology

CU Explores Further Advancements in Information Technology


In response to Covenant University’s desire to further advance its information technology system, three guests representing a Microsoft partnership visited the University on Tuesday, October 20, 2015. The guests from Reftek, Microsoft and Gems Consulting Company presented the University management and members of the Information and Communication Technology Committee, with the possibilities of their information technology system and answered arising questions.

The Registrar, Pastor Olamide Olusegun, welcomed the guests highlighting the importance of the collaboration and its significance in moving the University forward to become one of the top ten universities in the world by 2022.

The leader of Gems Consulting Company, Mr Taofik Olaniyan, informed the gathering of a number of their current clients and how they have been able to assist them through providing a flexible and efficient information technology system. He also explained the scope of the system and its benefits if CU were to adopt it, highlighting the following features: student management, financial management, budget management, human resource and payroll, procurement and inventory management and facility management.

He assured the University management that the system is user-friendly and can be used by anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel, as it uses the same platform. Mr Olaniyan also explained that the system has a variety of security options from which the University can choose. One of the benefits he outlined is that the system is open to integration with different platforms.

Those in attendance were given the opportunity to engage in discussion and pose questions to which the team responded accordingly.

Also in attendance at the meeting were Dean, College of Science and Technology, Professor Nicholas Omoregbe; Dean, College of Engineering, Professor Samuel John; Director, Financial Services, Pastor Bayo Oladehinbo; Director, Academic Planning Unit, Dr Olawande Daramola; Director, Vision 10:2022, Professor Christian Bolu, members of the Information and Communication Technology Committee, and a member of the Directorate of Media & Corporate Affairs.