CU Holds 10th Convocation Lecture

CU Holds 10th Convocation Lecture

CU Holds 10th Convocation Lecture

L-R, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, Vice-President (Education), Living Faith Church Worldwide, Pastor Faith Oyedepo and Guest Lecturer, Professor Peter Okebukola

Covenant University, on June 25, 2015, held its 10th Convocation Lecture. The lecture, delivered by Professor Peter A. Okebukola, was titled, ‘Higher Education and Africa’s Future: Doing what is Right.’

The event attracted dignitaries from various parts of the nation who were filled with a high sense of expectation occasioned by the personality giving the lecture. It was an enlightening experience for all participants.

In his remarks at the event, the Chancellor of Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo said, “Education is the only means to change our story; if we are interested. I have always believed that quality education is the foundation for nation building and will always remain so.”

The Chancellor decried the state of Africa’s educational landscape. He said, “Until Africa returns to the need for quality higher education, we will remain in a state of mockery. We have to be committed to a new way of doing things to bring back the lost glory. There must be quality investments in promoting higher education; if not, we will not go anywhere. It is time to take responsibility.”

He stressed the need for immediate change in the right direction, saying, “There is nothing mystical about excellence; it is a tireless commitment to improvement.” He further said, “Those who think ‘only elections’ are not true leaders; true leaders ‘think the next generation’ and of how to add value.”

Earlier in his welcome remarks, the Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University, Professor Charles Ayo, appreciated the guests for making out time to honour the invitation to the lecture. He stated that Professor Okebukola was one man he was always delighted to listen to. In his words, “It is always a delight each time I have an opportunity to listen to Professor Peter Okebukola and learn.” He described the Convocation Lecturer as an erudite scholar per excellence, an unbiased umpire, and an incorrigible judge.

“Without necessarily preempting him, I can assure you that he would present the current trends around the world, and move us forward in our quest towards becoming One of Ten in Ten,” he stated.

Speaking during his lecture, Professor Okebukola stated, “Even before the mantra of “change” filled the air in Nigeria about a year ago, CU has been effecting silent change through the quality of its graduates who are offering exemplary services in the public and private sector in Nigeria, Africa and in other parts of the world. Change can be negative, transient, illusory, or flash-in-the-pan. It can also be positive and sustainable. What we are witnessing with regard to the impact of CU graduates is sustainable change. Many CU graduates are currently in middle and high-level management positions.

“Ten or so years from now or even less, they would have moved up the ladder in top Management in the Public and Private Sector and at the political level in Nigeria; be Governors of States, Members of the State and Federal legislatures and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Ladies and Gentlemen, then, we will see sustainable change in governance, and rapid elevation of the African race to high global heights,” he posited.

Professor Okebukola further stated, “Our research group has empirically proved that Covenant University has the highest rate of growth (RoG) in Africa for its age. This rate of growth has several elements including rate of increase of quality infrastructure, number of quality staff and students and number of quality graduates; hence, the frame of reference for the university should be regional rather than national. Also, no university in West Africa and only a minuscule all over Africa has been able to attract three Nobel Prize Winners to offer lecturing service within a two-year period, with a plan to sustain such programme in the coming years as Covenant University has done.

“Covenant University is on course to achieve its vision, by the special Grace of God, of becoming one of the best universities in the world by 2022. Will this happen? Yes, yes and yes! My source of confidence is the supersonic speed at which the university is overtaking many well-known, older universities in Africa on the league table of global ranking of universities,” he explained.

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