CU Holds Special Lecture on Quality Service Delivery

CU Holds Special Lecture on Quality Service Delivery

CU Holds Special Lecture on Quality Service Delivery

Professor Anigbogu

Quality Service Delivery – The Key to a New Nigeria - Vincent C. Anigbogu, Ph.D. President/CEO JC Quality Management Group, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia, USA - You do not have permission to view this object.

As part of Covenant University’s capacity building efforts, a special presentation on “Quality Service Delivery- The Key to a New Nigeria” was made on Friday, June 16, 2006 by a renowned, US-based Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Quality Management expert, Professor Vincent C. Anigbogu, at the University’s Faculty Fellowship.


The Vice Chancellor and the Registrar at the lecture


Cross section of CU Professors at the lecture


Some faculty members at the lecture


In the paper, Professor Anigbogu, who is also the President and Chief Executive officer of JC Quality Management Group Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia, highlighted major areas of quality control challenges in Nigeria. According to him, some of them include under productivity/under employing, poor international image, lack of product quality monitoring, lack of law enforcement regarding quality monitoring, and lack of health and safety provisions.

Professor Anigbogu said these constraints are, however, at variance with the promise of politicians and administrators in Nigeria, which explained why Nigeria is described as one of the poor and most corrupt nations. The Guest lecturer who reviewed and extolled the vision behind the establishment of Covenant University, said the answer to the myriad of challenges facing Nigeria lies on the quality impacted on the students as leaders of tomorrow.

Professor Anigbogu linked the process of graduating students to the strategies of growing apostles who will take dominion in different spheres of the economy. “That quality student is customer-oriented - through interactive academic programmes – who are solution providers in institutions, the public and private sectors”, he further explained, adding that It is only when we have replicated good products that we leave a legacy. Professor Anigbogu was on hand to challenge the church to provide leadership. To him, it is only the integrity as provided by commitment that could give rise to the desired quality, pointing out that the faculty at the University must drive integrity and discipline to deliver the required quality.

The interactive lecture was attended by the Chancellor of the University, Dr David O. Oyedepo, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aize Obayan, the Registrar, Yemi Nathaniel, College Deans, professors, Faculty and Staff of the University.

The Chancellor, Dr Oyedepo, who rounded off the interactive session with a great emphasis on the need for Africa to invest on quality people, said Nigeria in particular need people with integrity, not just resources to develop. On her own part, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Obayan, who spoke earlier, extolled the virtue of Total Quality Management and assured the Guest Lecturer of the commitment of the University management to drive quality with vigour. As a way of welcoming the guest lecturer, the Registrar, Mr Yemi Nathaniel also emphasized the need for continued improvement in our quality delivery.
The event was anchored by Professor Charles Ogbulogo, the Dean of the College of Human Development of the University.

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