CU-IDEA Vehicles Deployed for Campus Shuttle Services

CU-IDEA Vehicles Deployed for Campus Shuttle Services

CU-IDEA Vehicles Deployed for Campus Shuttle Services

The Covenant University Integrated Dual Engine Automobile (CU IDEA) car already deployed as campus shuttle

Two months after the commissioning and deployment of the Covenant University Integrated Dual Engine Automobile (CU-IDEA) for campus shuttle services, the lead researcher for the invention of the automobiles, Professor James Omoleye, said the vehicles have enjoyed significant patronage and positive reviews from residents and visitors to the University.

Speaking on the performance of the vehicles, Professor Omoleye said they are working well and in good shape. Nevertheless, feedback from the drivers of the vehicles has necessitated the upgrading of certain systems in the engines of two of the three vehicles.

According to him, “The model with air-conditioning unit was working with the aid of six batteries instead of ten batteries, which inhibited its speed level, thus affecting the cooling system. Now, we have taken delivery of appropriate batteries that are meant to serve the capacity of the car with the air-conditioning unit working perfectly.”

The Professor of Chemical Engineering, with interest in Mechanical Engineering, noted that the initial battery installed did not enhance its speed and distance coverage, but was only for demonstration purpose. However, with the availability of the actual batteries that can serve the car, it would begin to go farther with more speed range, and also perform effectively in commercial activities.

Another discovery made was that the systems driving the tricycle needed an upgrade to meet the total weight that it currently carries. Professor Omoleye stated that the CU-IDEA tricycle was designed to carry a maximum number of seven people at any given time, as against four that a conventional tricycle carries.

In addition, the University’s Logistic Officer, Mr. Cornelius Abatan, said the deployment of CU-IDEA for campus shuttle has been a unique experience. According to him, “The enthusiasm with which commuters have embraced the vehicles is simply overwhelming.”

He noted that the efficiency of the vehicles has become another source of internally generated revenue for the University. He stated that when fully commercialised, CU-IDEA vehicles would become the preferred means of transportation, not only within the University campus, but also in Ota axis.

The CU-IDEA vehicles are research initiatives of the Covenant University’s Electric Automobile Research Cluster. It would be remembered that the vehicles were commissioned in September in honour of the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, to mark his 60th birthday.