CU Management Unveils New Mobile Learning Project

CU Management Unveils New Mobile Learning Project

CU Management Unveils New Mobile Learning Project

Management with the new learning device.

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015, Covenant University, in partnership with Softcom Ltd and Samsung Electronics, unveiled a mobile learning platform tagged, ‘EduSocial.’ The event which took place at the Tuesday Chapel Service featured an electronic presentation by Softcom, showing the dynamics and features of the new platform.

While making his presentation, the Managing Partner of Softcom, Mr. Yomi Adedeji, said, “A place where learning could be more fun was what we dreamed about when I and my partner, Seindemi Olobayo, thought about ‘EduSocial.’ A platform where a student won't need to compete with other students for access to learning materials or library resources; where interactions and discussions can be recorded for ease of reference when preparing for exams; and where you can spend a lot of time learning in a fun way.”

He further stated, “This project offers technology entrepreneurship that now allows students validate their app ideas among 7,000 users before going into the real world. Students are now able to access class notes, library resources and interact with each other within and outside the university community.”

In his remarks at the event, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo stated, “Today is a unique day in the life of the University, a defining moment in the educational landscape, particularly in the higher education context. We are gathered here to witness the launch of mobile learning in the university, an approach that is unique and novel. Our product is different from other forms of e-learning earlier adopted in the country by some state governments. What then is unique about our system? All over the world, social media has enjoyed tremendous patronage and adoption among students at all levels of learning. Consequently, it was banned in schools and some offices in the US, UK and most parts of Europe because of its negative influence on learning and work ethics. What we have done is to harness the features of the social media for learning, therefore, our product is a social media based e-learning system. This idea started since 2011 and we have made presentations about it at international conferences and workshops; today, it is a reality.”

The Vice-Chancellor also listed some of the benefits of the mobile e-learning system. He explained, “It has the potential to improve the university’s internal efficiency and support learning anywhere, anytime; it is a mobile library; it offers the platform for tutorial and interaction between students, staff and faculty, and it offers a platform for communication between Management, staff and students.”

Earlier in his opening remarks, the Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo said, “God has given us this platform to show the world how to make things work. The mobile learning project of this university was embarked upon to enable students have real time round-the-clock access to vast

educational resources. This is for the purpose of creating platforms through which they can efficiently disseminate information - individually, in groups and all together. This platform is to aid and drive collaboration within the student community, by enabling work group communication and individual messaging.”

He went further to say, “Covenant, having been ranked number one in Nigeria, number one in West Africa and falls into the top 5% in the world, has very high educational standards. And the university, wanting to uphold in-class learning solutions, enabled her students to have access to online resources from anywhere, remotely, and also to enhance Teacher/Student collaboration.”