CU, Southampton to Partner on Data Value

CU, Southampton to Partner on Data Value


A team from the University of Southampton, United Kingdom, visited Covenant University on Tuesday, May 5, 2015, at the University Campus. The team, which was received by the University Management in the Vice-Chancellor’s conference room, was on a first time visit to the university.

The visiting officials were made up of a Senior Lecturer from Southampton Business School, Dr. Maxwell Chipulu and the In-country Officer of the University, Mrs. Chinelo Konwea.

In his opening remarks, the Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo stated, “In our bid to meet our goals of becoming one of the top ten universities in the world by 2022, we welcome partnerships that have the potentials to move us in that direction.”

While stating the purpose of their visit, Mrs. Chinelo Konwea said, “The purpose of this visit is to look for joint partnership opportunities and collaborations in research or joint programmes.”

Mrs. Konwea noted that the process will be a two way affair whereby Covenant University will draft her MoU while the University of Southampton will also draft hers. Dr. Maxwell Chipulu, on the other hand, enthused about his first sight of Covenant University grounds, “The structure and ambience in this place is certainly world class. I would be very excited to see a world class university emerge from Africa. Your vision to become a world class university is very attainable, judging by what I have seen today. I am confident that Southampton can help drive a part of your goals.”

In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, appreciated the team for their visit, and assured them that the Management would not mind to have some partnership arrangement with Southampton for mutual benefits. He stated, “In her efforts toward fostering credible research collaboration, the university welcomes like-minded organizations that have the capacity to move the institution forward in its quest to become one of the top ten universities in the world in ten years.”

The team was taken to the School of Natural And Applied Science immediately after the meeting, where Dr. Maxwell Chipulu, a Data Analytics Expert, was scheduled for a lecture. They were received by the Deputy Dean, Dr. Olawande Daramola, on behalf of the Director, International Office and Linkages.

Dr. Daramola, in his remarks, stated that the University is on her way to becoming one of the top 10 universities in the world, and so knows the importance of collaborations. He stated that the University already has a number of collaborations with a host of other UK universities.

According to him, CU has also explored some other areas of collaboration such as floating joint academic programmes as well as Staff and Students exchange. It would be a two-way affair. He concluded that the visit was a timely one, which would explore all possible avenues to get the two institutions engaged positively for their mutual benefit. “We are open to relationships that will move us towards the achievement of our goals,” he said.

Dr Maxwell Chipulu who spoke on the topic, “Five ways to harness big value from Data”, explained the benefits that can be obtained from Data and how it can be used to create value.

He noted that there are endless values embedded in data but due to shortage of skilled personnel, there has been limited knowledge about it; therefore, it will be of great advantage when there is collaborative research.

Dr. Chipulu also expressed his gratitude for the reception given him from the University. “I am very impressed with what I have seen in Covenant University; the Vision is clear and I am also impressed with the facilities available here.”

He noted that though theirs was just a visit to the School of Natural And Applied Science, he and his partner have been treated to a grand welcome.