CU Students Advised to Develop Investment Culture

CU Students Advised to Develop Investment Culture

CU Students Advised to Develop Investment Culture

Faculty, Staff and Students of the Department of Business Mangement in a group photograph with the Guest Lecturer

The students of the Department of Business Management, Covenant University, have been advised not only to develop an investment culture while in school, but to create multiple streams of income, by making multiple investments with the extra pocket monies they get in order to have better control of their financial future after graduation.

An Investment Consultant, Mrs. Tope Omojokun, from Investment One Financial Services Limited, Lagos, gave the advice as Guest Speaker at a recent Town and Gown seminar of the Business Management Department, where she delivered a paper titled, ‘Designing and Marketing of Non-Banking Financial Products’.

Mrs. Omojokun described non-banking financial products as basically investment products like mutual funds, treasury bills, shares and bonds. She told the students not to miss the opportunity of investment making, presented by the stage of ‘little worries,’ ‘no dependants,’ ‘no buying of diapers,’ ‘milk’ or those kind of responsibilities where they are now. She advised them to be prudent and resourceful with the extras they get from various aunties and relatives who credit their accounts while in school. “You should be very aggressive about investment, so that by the time you leave school and get to the ‘just married’ stage, you will enjoy it,” she asserted.

Omojokun, admonished that if they do not learn financial discipline now, they will have a few challenges with their future earning capacity. “When you keep buying and buying everything you see, you are making someone else richer and devaluing yourself; because money does not just drop from the sky. You cannot get more money if you do not learn to discipline yourself with the little you have now,” she said.

The investment consultant encouraged those who may be involved in marketing non-banking financial products in future, either as employees to companies or as their own start-up businesses, to be consistent in their savings culture and build up their relational skills as that will come in handy in future. “You will need the savings or investments as equity for your start-up loan and it may be difficult getting a loan without your own commitment,” she stated.

Those planning to work as marketing executives, Omojokun advised them to be prepared to strategise towards the class of clientele they need in order to meet particular set targets. “It may require you to break it down to achievable goals in order to meet up with it. Also, you may need to work on your marketing style, make bold calls, as well as research and get information about the organisation you plan to market your brand to,” she said.

In his remarks, the Head, Department of Business Management, Dr. Oluwole Iyiola, appreciated the Guest Speaker, stating that the University already has an ongoing partnership with her employer, Investment One. He encouraged the students to inculcate discipline in their financial lives while in school as instructed so as to have greater grips on their financial future.