CU Students Encouraged to Actualise the Full Importance of Mathematics

CU Students Encouraged to Actualise the Full Importance of Mathematics

CU Students Encouraged to Actualise the Full Importance of Mathematics

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“Mathematics is the gate and key of the sciences. Neglect of mathematics works injury to all knowledge, since he who is ignorant of it, cannot know the other sciences or the things of this world." -Roger Bacon

This was the assertion of the Director, Planning, Research and Statistics, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Dr. Samson Babatunde Adebayo in his lecture titled, “Mathematics and Statistics: An Indispensable tool in NAFDAC” at the Town and Gown interaction, organised by the Department of Mathematics, Covenant University.

The guest speaker, stated the relevance of mathematics in both private and public sectors, adding that mathematics has rapidly gained ground in actualising effective decisions. “For every decision to be executed, despite the sector, there must be elements of reliable, quality data that is easily accessible and can assist in decision making, actualising the goals of both sectors. Every organisation needs data to succeed,” he said.

Dr. Adebayo further enlightened the students on how mathematics serves as an indispensable tool in NAFDAC. He mentioned that it helps in providing a Mobile Authentication Service to generate random numbers for producers in Nigeria.

He urged individuals present at the interactive seminar, to increase their background in mathematics in order to increase their competitive edge in any sector they find themselves. “Understanding basic business math is necessary for profitable operations and accurate record keeping because statistics play an important role in business. A successful businessman must be very quick and accurate in decision making,” he remarked.

“Business ownership requires more than skill in creating a product, or talent in providing a service. Overseeing the finances of your company is key to survival and success,” he added.

Concluding his presentation, he told the students to gain experience outside the classroom because companies are looking for graduate students with powerful thinking and troubleshooting capabilities - just the skills that are developed in mathematics and research programmes.

The Head of Department, Mathematics, Dr Alfred Owoloko, noted that the Town & Gown interaction was designed to help the students acquire relevant knowledge about the industry. He advised them to develop their skills and take advantage of the available training in the University in order to have industry experience after graduation.

Also in attendance were the former Head of Deapartment, Mathematics, Professor S.A Iyase, Dr Sheila Bishop, Dr Timothy Anake, Dr Michael Agarana and other faculty, staff and students of the Department.