CU Students Train for Global Competitive Edge in Oil Industry

CU Students Train for Global Competitive Edge in Oil Industry

CU Students Train for Global Competitive Edge in Oil Industry

Participants at the Oil and Gas Training Programme

Covenant University’s 300 and 400 level Physics and Petroleum Engineering students have been given the opportunity to undergo training that will give them a global competitive edge in the oil and gas industries. The initial session on Monday, September 21, 2015, marked the opening of the 5-day, Practical Oil & Gas Seismic International Training for Undergraduate Students, hosted by the College of Science & Technology. The multidisciplinary venture between the Physics and Petroleum Engineering Departments will operate in collaboration with Danvic Petroleum International, the training providers.

The Dean, College of Science & Technology, Professor Nicholas Omoregbe in his remarks during the opening session stated, “The training programme will play a significant role in preparing CU students for a career in the Oil & Gas Industry, increasing their employability.”

The guest speaker, Danvic Petroleum International’s Managing Director, Dr Mayowa Afe informed faculty and students of some of the issues in the Oil & Gas Industries at present. He recounted a situation regarding an oil and gas company in Nigeria that advertised locally to employ 10 staff. Despite receiving over 4000 applications, the company was only able to source 4 suitable applicants for positions in their company.

Dr. Afe explained that many oil and gas companies are encountering similar issues when seeking quality Nigerian employees. As a result many companies are going abroad to recruit employees as they have found those who study in Nigeria unemployable.

Motivated by this concern and the notion that many Nigerian parents cannot afford to send their children abroad to be educated, Danvic sought to spear-head the University Assistance Programme, which now operates in over 40 Universities across Nigeria.

The purpose of the programme is to provide training for university lecturers to equip them in establishing industry currency to ensure they are able to effectively educate students on key principles and programmes relevant to the oil and gas industries. The programme also provides practical training in petroleum geology, seismic interpretation, sequence stratigraph, petrophysics, static modelling and software training for 300 and 400 level students who are seeking employment in these industries.

Dr Afe relayed that Shell Petroleum have since confirmed that the quality of students commencing employment in their firm have improved significantly since the University Assistance Programme has been in place.

Dr Afe issued an invitation for CU students to engage in IT training which would lead to their integration into the oil and gas industries. He informed students that they would be taught key principles and how to utilise the most up-to-date software in the industry. He told students they would be given a copy of the required software along with a free academic license for use on their laptop.

Dr Afe, expressed his gratitude for the relationship between Danvic and Covenant University and emphasised his desire for the collaboration to continue.

Those in attendance included Danvic Managing Director, Dr Mayowa Afe; Geophysicist and Business Manager, Oladay Ayinde; Geoscientist, Olahinde Oluwatobi; Geoscientist, John Adeniyi; Head of Petroleum Engineering, Dr Paul A. L Anawe; Dr O.J Rotim, Mr A.A Ameloko, Mr C.Y Onuh; Head of Physics, Dr T. V Omoiosho; Dr A. P Aigebeokhoin, Mr K. D Oyeyemi; and a member of Media and Corporate Affairs.