CU Students on Space Voyage Returns

CU Students on Space Voyage Returns

Group Photograph of CU management with the students showcasing thier certificates in the background

Five students of Covenant University and one of their Chaperons representing 20 others who went on the United States of America’s Space Trip have been formally received and presented certificates of participation by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aize Obayan.

The short ceremony took place at the Vice Chancellor’s conference room on Friday, November 18, 2011.

While presenting the students, one of their chaperons and Acting Director, Academic Planning Unit, Dr. Chidi Uhuegbu narrated their expedition to the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, USA, which he described as educating and impacting. He also reported that their coordinator, Mrs. Jane Simeon of the Centre commented that she had never received a well-behaved students or group of people as the Covenant University team.

Dr Uhuegbu said that at the end of their excursion, the CU delegates were issued Certificate of Participation and Training, and another as Space Voyagers.

The Vice-Chancellor in her response congratulated them for being worthy ambassadors of the University. She said that it was not just a travel for it sake but an engagement with the outside world with the ultimate goal of making a difference.

Professor  Aize Obayan awarding one of the students just back from the US Space programme

She said that the trip was so instructive in redefining the future paths to take as a University, adding that how can students become world leaders without engaging the world by going out of the walls of university.

Professor Obayan stated that the agenda of the University was not just to present certificates but committed to raising a new generation of global leaders. She said she look forward to occasion, where people like the participants can return from such expedition and inspire change through knowledge learnt like Mongo Park did. She therefore enjoined the delegates to begin to see how they can impart their world through their experience.