CUCIT, IBM Hold Artificial Intelligence Workshop

CUCIT, IBM Hold Artificial Intelligence Workshop

CUCIT, IBM Hold Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Professor Akintade Dare, from the University of Ibadan, making his presentation

Covenant University’s Centre for Information Technology in partnership with International Business Machines (IBM), supported by Carnegie Fellowship Program, has organised an Artificial Intelligence Analyst and Research in Machine Learning Workshop in pursuit of the objectives of the University for capacity-building in Africa.

The six-day workshop, held in the design studio of the College of Science and Technology, featured participants from all sections of the academia particularly higher institutions in Nigeria.

A team of IBM staff unveiled the Artificial Intelligence (AI) course for the first time in Nigeria and offered free AI analyst certification examination for all participants at the end of the course.

In addition, two foreign-trained world-class Professors engaged participants on the last day of training on how to conduct research in Artificial Intelligence and its application in 3D medical imaging, radiology, drug discovery, computer-aided surgery amongst others.

In his opening remarks at the workshop, the Head, Department of Computer and Information Sciences and Coordinator, Centre for Information Technology, Professor Victor Osamor, stated that the aim of the workshop was to facilitate the building of an ecosystem of ICT talents in Nigeria by training the trainers in solution strategies and research application in Artificial Intelligence (AI).


The workshop convener and Head, Department of Computer and Information Sciences (CIS), Professor Victor C. Osamor


He expressed hope that participants would replicate what they had learnt in their various institutions.

In his presentation at the workshop, one of the key instructors, Professor Akintade Dare, described Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the ability of a computer or robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Professor Dare, who is a Professor of Oral Maxillofacial Radiology and Medical Radiography at the College of Health Sciences, University of Ilorin, Nigeria, said AI was revolutionizing businesses.

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