CUCRID Facility Poses Challenge to Faculty –Chancellor

CUCRID Facility Poses Challenge to Faculty –Chancellor

CUCRID Facility Poses Challenge to Faculty –Chancellor

The Ultra-Modern CUCRID Building

The Chancellor and Chairman Board of Regents of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Dr. David Oyedepo, has expressed hope that the new ultra-modern Covenant University Centre for Research, Innovation and Discovery (CUCRID) will wake up the potential in the institution’s lecturers, otherwise known as the Faculty.

Dr. Oyedepo made this wish at the commissioning ceremony of the CUCRID building, which was part of the events held in commemoration of the 11th Convocation Ceremony of Covenant University.

The Chancellor, who described the unveiling of the imposing edifice as the celebration of versatility of the brain power, said its construction wholly by Nigerians shows that creativity and ingenuity is not the exclusive preserve of a particular race.

“We are celebrating versatility of the brain power,” he said. “We are equally endowed across all races; it is just the lack of adequate engagement of such brain power that has kept us down.

“My joy is that Covenant University has proved that Africa has same right to create. There is no foreign input of any kind, no overdraft from any bank. We are introducing sound management; and as people enter the facility, we wish that the potential of our faculty will come alive.”

The whole essence of CUCRID, explained Dr. Oyedepo, is to bring together men and women who are committed to success and not intimidated to solve societal problems. People from the most developed nations, he added, must come and look for something at CUCRID.

“With places like this springing up all over the country, I believe Nigeria is ready to spring,” the Chancellor stated before going on to formally commission the building and dedicate it to God.

Earlier on in his remarks, the CU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, described the construction of the CUCRID building as symbolic, particularly in furtherance of the university’s vision of being among the top 10 universities in the world by the year 2022.

“We are four years into the vision and have already made very significant progress,” he said. “We must appreciate our dear Chancellor and the Board of Regents for finding it worthy to endow a facility of this magnitude.

“I’ve visited many universities in the country and in Africa; definitely there is none like this. All glory must be to God. Looking at us as a nation, or as a continent in general, we are over reliant on foreign solutions to our problems. This facility could not have come at a better time.”

The Director, Physical Planning and Development (PPD), Pastor Azubuike Nwoke, had shortly before the Chancellor and other dignitaries were taken on a guided tour of the CUCRID building, revealed that it was put up by the Covenant University Construction Agency, an in-house construction agency, from beginning to completion.

The concept of the building, he said, is the Eagle. “You look at this building and you see an Eagle standing; and the movement of this building depicts joy. As research goes on in this building and discoveries are made, there is great joy.”

Construction of the facility, which has seven floors and a basement, commenced in May 2014 and was completed in June 2016.

Within the building are 90 offices, 12 conference rooms and 13 panel rooms. Around the building are 107 parking lots. For every office in the building there is a toilet, besides the many general toilets.

“Inside the building you discover that it is made up of glass partition, it just looks futuristic. We have four panoramic lifts, which are transparent. You have the whole building air-conditioned; we have a combination of VRF cassette system and split units; we have about 12 partition able laboratories, which are partitioned to 24.

“You have the top floor, which serves as the exhibition hall. And there is a multi-purpose hall at the back, which sits 300 people. At the basement floor we have a network operating centre, which boasts of modern gadgets and all that we’ll need to run not only Covenant University, but the whole ministry,” said Nwoke.

Also on hand to commission the CUCRID building along with the Chancellor were the Vice-President (Education), Living Faith Church Worldwide, Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo; 1st Vice-President, Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Abioye; Resident Pastor, Faith Tabernacle, Pastor David Oyedepo; other members of the Board of Regents; the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Taiwo Abioye; and other members of the management team, staff and graduating students.

The Chancellor and his entourage had after the commissioning ceremony proceeded to the African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC), where an exhibition was held to showcase the capacity and capability of Covenant University to innovate.

Dr. Oyedepo, who declared the exhibition open, reiterated his charge to faculty and students to help solve societal problems through product development.

The products on display, according to the Director, CUCRID, Professor Samuel Wara, are genuine to African challenges in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the products included an unmanned drone for security surveillance, software solution to learning challenges in schools, Eagles Connect (a platform where students can connect wherever they are), vehicle speed limiter, renewable energy solutions (solar powered vulcanizing system and solar powered incubators).