Chancellor admonishes Students to take Responsibility

Chancellor admonishes Students to take Responsibility

Chancellor admonishes Students to take Responsibility

Chancellor, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, giving his charge and blessing the assembly

The Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents, Covenant University, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, has admonished Covenant University students to take responsibility in order to see their dreams and visions come true.

He made this statement on Friday, November 29, 2019, while giving a charge at the Departure Assembly for Covenant students embarking on holidays for the 2019 Yuletide.

According to the Chancellor, words were the greatest stories in the adventure of life and every great story had its root in a discovery and there was no asset in the journey of life that’s compared to words fitly spoken (Proverbs 25:11). He further stated that, how much one invested in his/her dream would determine how much of it would ever come to pass; and any child, who depended on his father’s inheritance, had sold himself to slavery. “Let’s stay awake and take responsibility,” he asserted.

Dr. Oyedepo stated that it was not education we lacked in Nigeria, but education with integration. He explained that the government would not be upon the shoulder of a child, but rather, on a son who had grown into son-ship (Isaiah 9:6; Luke 2:52). “We must grow up; no one is ever at the same stage in life twice (Philippians 2:5),” he said.

Pointing out the need for humility, Dr. Oyedepo said: “We must remain humble. Without humility, your future is not in view (Numbers 12:3; Exodus 11:3). No one will ever be greater, no matter what level he acquires, than his level of humility. Until a child grows up, he cannot be entrusted with authority.”

While speaking on the need for discipline, he pointed out that, “Just like biological growth follows a particular pattern; physical and mental growth requires a process. You never find any man that is distinguished tomorrow that is not first self-disciplined today. Accomplishment is not transferable, it cannot be inherited.

“You can always invest your greatest asset, time, to address the greatest needs of your life and secure your destiny. Making a choice for self-discipline is what creates your desired future.”

Dr. Oyedepo advised the students to work on their personal growth and development and avoid following the bandwagon. “We are doing well is not as good as I am doing well. Invest only in things that add value and you will be glad you did. Prepare for your glorious future, it’s nearer than you imagined. The devil is contending with it, but don’t let him have his way. You can tell where a child is heading tomorrow by what he is investing his time in today,” he explained.

He admonished the students not to be found perambulating the streets while on holiday, but make a project of every free time they have in order to improve themselves. That, he said, would also help them stay away from temptation and trouble.

The Chancellor encouraged the students to identify the areas of their weakness and find out how to improve on those areas. He also asked God to direct them to appropriate materials to study while at home and the right conferences to attend in order to make progress.