Change of Guards in the University Tour Guides Group

Change of Guards in the University Tour Guides Group

Change of Guards in the University Tour Guides Group

The New Covenant University Guides Group

Covenant University Tour Guides, a group of student ambassadors formed in 2005 to receive external guests and take them on guided excursion around the serene and beautiful campus, has selected new officers that will pilot its activities for the 2015/16 academic session. The change of guards was effected on March 29, 2015, in which the former Coordinator, Mr. Ofulue Buchi expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve the group and, by proxy, the University.

Mr. Buchi registered his most profound gratitude to the Almighty God for giving him the mantle of leadership at a time where the group needed much more to restore her to glory, and for the accompanying grace to carry out the tasks of the outgone year. He further thanked the University Management and the founding coordinator, Dr. Sheriff Folarin, for their unwavering support throughout his tenure and his confidence that their support will never cease.

In his own remarks, the new Coordinator, Mr. Ayotunde Abiola, thanked the founding coordinator, Dr. Folarin, who is now the Patron/Staff Adviser for his foresight, leadership and tenacity of purpose and for having guided one of the longest existing groups in the institution to the present times. Abiola also thanked the immediate past head as well as the authorities that found him fit to take the baton and fill the big shoes of his predecessor. He ended by affirming that Tour Guides as a group has been taken from the realms of restoring her “lost glory” to moving unto higher heights, even as he promised that he will not let the fire of Tour Guides burn out.

The immediate past Executive Council was made up of Ofulue Buchi (Coordinator), Akinloye Tumininu Solonge (Assistant Coordinator), Ayotunde Abiola (General Secretary), Josiah-Wasa Precious (Public Relations Officer), Mbanisi Chidi (Financial Secretary), Attah Sefina (Welfare Secretary), and Ifeanyi Franklyn (Director of Photography).

The incoming executives are Ayotunde Abiola, Coordinator; Josiah-Wasa Precious, Assistant Coordinator; Ijalaye Seyi, General Secretary; Illonze Princess, Welfare Secretary; Attah Sefina, Financial Secretary; Godspower David, Director of Photography; Willie-Pepple Blessing, Chaplain.

The University Tour Guides is a ten-year old body that works alongside the official channels of public relations of the institution for the purpose of positive image projection. It was established in February 2005 by the envisioning and pioneering efforts of Dr. Folarin, who was mandated by the University Management to put together a group of such calibre. The group has since then under his tutelage, grown stronger and been together, offering quality service in the area of putting Covenant University in the right light externally.

With his reasoning for proper coordination, institutionalization and continuity, the founder reached an agreement with the Student Affairs to have the group come under watch of the Student Affairs, and thus the group formally came directly under the coordination of the watch of the Directorate of Student Affairs.

With its credo of ‘Courtesy, Smiles and Service (CSS)”, Tour Guides was formed in a bid to showcase the richness of Covenant University’s endowments to her visitors and to the world at large, having recognized that the University is a vast institution embedded in its own unique cultural variety, richness and profundity. These range from the institution’s intangible, yet phenomenal core values and tenets, to her stunning tangible structures and terrain as well as her nature-friendly environment.

The duty of Tour Guides as encapsulated in the constitution and enhanced by her structure buttresses the role of the group thus: to take the University’s visitors on a Tour and enlighten them about the vast resources available in Covenant University. This also serves as an avenue for such guests to interact with the student base and gauge the professionalism with which the task is carried out, aimed at captivating them towards appreciating the content of the University. From this platform, various testimonies have sprung forth. For instance, several parents that were taken on a tour round the University brought their children and wards to school here with a specific instruction, “make sure you join Tour Guides”.

During public lectures, convocations, matriculation ceremonies, College Week and other University functions, Tour Guides form the guard of honour for the Chancellor’s procession and welcome guests during such events. With the Courtesy, Smiles and Service mantra, every encounter with a member of the group infuses smiles on the recipient of the service. To attest to the level of professionalism are various commendations received from the Chancellor each time the group’s services are rendered. From the external context, Tour Guides have received commendations from a presidential candidate, Remi Sonaya, a Visiting Carnegie Fellow, Prof. Peyi Soyinka-Airewele, GEMSTONE, Jumia, Mrs. Cecilia Ibru, among others.

Given the calibre of training received here in Covenant University, the membership base of Tour Guides spreads across the various programmes of the University, from the Arts and Humanities to the Social Sciences and Sciences, even the School of Engineering.