Covenant, Texas Varsity Explore Collaboration on Postgraduate and Research Exchange

Covenant, Texas Varsity Explore Collaboration on Postgraduate and Research Exchange

Covenant, Texas Varsity Explore Collaboration on Postgraduate and Research Exchange

Professor Akinwande, making his presentation at the seminar

Covenant and the University of Texas, Austin, are considering the feasibility of a partnership between the two institutions on postgraduate and research exchange opportunities.

This much was revealed recently, when Professor Deji Akinwande, a professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Texas varsity, paid a visit to Covenant, where he unfolded the plan for collaboration and sensitised faculty and graduate students to the opportunities that abound in his institution.

While speaking to an audience comprised of the leadership, Professors, Master’s and PhD students of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE) of Covenant, Professor Akinwande said that there were prospects and opportunities for collaboration on research. He added that he wanted the applications to be competitive and compelling as possible so that faculty and students could get admission as well as financial offer.

The Texas University lecturer said that he was interested in long-term relationship with Covenant in research exchange that would see lecturers coming to America and they would be connected with relevant Professors with whom they could engage in fundamental research of great interest, globally. Also, he said he would like to come to Covenant regularly to teach undergraduate students when he is available.

Professor Akinwande also spoke about his research on biosensors, specifically, physiological sensors that monitor the vital signals of the human body. He explained that the sensors monitor the temperature and other vital aspects of the human body, adding that those sensors could wirelessly communicate their findings to an app on the phone. “This is now important for the new area of technology called mobile health, where you can monitor your health or diagnose your health on a forum using sensors applied to your skin,” he noted.

In his remarks, the Head, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Professor Anthony Adoghe, said that the Department thought it was important to allow Professor Akinwande, who was visiting Covenant for the second time, to discuss with some of the postgraduate students at EIE, especially those who are into grafting and sensors projects, on how they could collaborate and complete part of their bench work in Texas University.

Professor Adoghe stated that Covenant was trying to establish collaboration with the University of Texas, renowned for its research prowess, and Professor Akinwande’s research unit.