Covenant University, setting pace in the Nigeria’s Health Sector

Covenant University, setting pace in the Nigeria’s Health Sector


Covenant University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, has disclosed that the University would continue to set the pace in the country’s health sector by working on health initiatives and assisting professionals in bringing solutions to health challenges in the country. He made this known at a medical conference theme, “The 2014 National Health Act” organised by Ace Medical Clinics Limited on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at the African Leadership Development Centre, Covenant University.

According to Professor Ayo, “It is our custom as a university to always have a yearly goal and this has led to health projects being implemented like the launch of Tele-Medicine and the EHealth initiative which will soon be launched. Covenant University will continue to work with health professionals in Nigeria to solve the challenges faced by the country.”

Also speaking at the conference, the Honourable Commissioner for Health, Ogun State, Dr. Tunde Ipaye, called for innovations in the health sector, which would enable the delivery of quality health facilities. Dr Ipaye revealed Nigeria’s poor investment per head in health, which he puts at sixty-nine dollars.

“Having a clear perspective about health per investment in the continent is important. Rwanda has the highest per capital investment in health. South Africa, the second largest economy has over 400 dollars per capital investment in health and then Nigeria’s current per capital investment in Nigeria is sixty-nine dollars,” Dr. Tunde Ipaye remarked.

“With the low investment in Nigeria’s health sector, there is the need to be innovative from both private and public organisations to team up and bring new ideas on board that will deliver good health services in the country,” he said.

The conference incorporated health experts from around the country to deliberate on the improvement of Nigeria’s Health Act.